Thanks for visiting. I’m Alan, and this is a little spot for me to think out loud about things, mostly nerdery. I work in IT, helping solve interesting problems for a big, diverse group of people.

If you enjoy what I write here or have questions or comments, please get in touch. You can send me email to alan at this domain or find me as schussman on twitter. You can also comment on things here at Pretty Good Hat using webmentions.

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Pretty Good Hat is built out of markdown-formatted text files, rendered to static HTML via some homebuilt ruby nonsense. I needed a project. Because it’s a work in progress and I enjoy tinkering with it, I keep a little roadmap of stuff I might do with this little system and topics I might write about.

I use typefaces from Adobe Edge Web Fonts; host with Pair Networks (backstory); and write in various tools on a Mac and iOS.