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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: R

Calling R specifically and data folks in general: anybody using the M1 routinely with a broad analytics/data sci set of tools now? Things look pretty promising but I wonder if the day to day still relies on too much fiddling in/out of Rosetta to feel effective.

Today I dusted off my latest video game hobby project, ArmoreR, my Destiny 2 armor stats profiler, and finished some improvements that have been on my list. I haven’t been motivated to dig back into it for a while partly because I just … didn’t feel like it … and partly because I had hit a point of complexity with it that made it hard to approach again. But I had a really nice time catching up with just how it works and then gradually identifying and implementing the improvements I wanted to make.

Just remembered how to reorder factors for a ggplot2 panel without looking it up, AMA.

There’s probably a pretty good talk/paper for somebody to write on the comparative trajectories of R-Help’s evolution to today’s R community, as compared to the FSF’s brief rejection and subsequent bear-hugging of RMS.