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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: cameras

I see Fuji has – finally? – released the X100VI! Look, my little 10 year old X100S is still doing quite wonderfully, but … it might be upgrade time.

A silver and black camera sits on a bright, narrow countertop, lens pointing away. The light is bright, making the shadow very stark and deep behind the camera.

I found that the battery on my Fuji X-T30 no longer holds a charge, so I’m making photos this Thanksgiving with my X100S while I order a replacement battery. Gosh this camera feels so good to hold and use. It’s just so elegant and solid and graceful. I should carry it everywhere.

I spent a lot of this week toting my X-T30 around the house, just shooting things I liked. Then I did some cabinet cleaning and handled the old X100S for a few minutes. Wow; the X100S still feels incomparable. That viewfinder is still so beautiful to use.