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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: coffee

After a week of Aeropress coffee, I opened up, took apart and cleaned up a few key components of this old and much-loved espresso machine (I promise I polished it up afterwards, too). I think it still needs a descaling, but it seems to be pumping along once again. I’m so satisfied.

A water-spotted steel espresso machine with its top cover off, sitting on a gray countertop. Red-handled crescent wrench and pliers sit next to it and a large white mug with an H on it sits beneath the machine’s steam wand. Two water tubes lead out of the top of the machine into a reservoir behind it, and a mess of light blue and brown wires snake over the exposed boiler.

I drove early to Starbucks for this morning’s coffee, because my trust old Lelit machine appears to finally be out of magic. If today’s repair efforts fail, I guess I’ll be in the market for a new one.

This Iris is my first split and ortholinear keyboard, and I’m slowly, gradually getting used to typing on it. Getting back to work tomorrow will be interesting!

A top down view of a split ergonomic keyboard, the Iris. It has backlit keys on a white plastic top plate and dark blue keys with cyan legends. Beside the keyboard is a mug of coffee with a swirl of frothed milk on top, and an Apple Magic Trackpad sits next to the coffee.