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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: computers

Can confirm that getting into cool mechanical keyboards has made me at least 60% more productive, where productivity is measured in talking about mechanical keyboards in unrelated settings.

There’s probably a pretty good talk/paper for somebody to write on the comparative trajectories of R-Help’s evolution to today’s R community, as compared to the FSF’s brief rejection and subsequent bear-hugging of RMS.

Big technology weekend for my kiddo: Yesterday he walked through the instructions to set up a new Minecraft server on my little NUC running Ubuntu. And, today, he gets his very own 1Password vault. They grow up so fast.

screenshot showing a Mac OS terminal with a few lines of a config file My .vimrc could probably use a lot more cleanup, but I adjusted it just enough yesterday that I think it appears easy enough to grab for any new machine or server I would happen to use.

I’m just a simple country sociologist, but this fawning pro-NFT article seems quantitatively unsteady with assertions like “assume you instantly zero out 50% commission to double your revenue,” and “just slice your art infinitely to capture more revenue under the demand curve.”

I’ve been using vim long enough that I’m pretty comfortable with it most of the time. I’m always happy to learn more, and the first part of this vim tutorial has some things that I missed the first time I learned the basics.👍

Revised my /now page over the weekend. I’ve been replacing the old notes entirely, but wonder if I should keep it as a running log, instead.

Guess I should finally figure out how to put things on Linode so I don’t have to restart the discord bot all the time at the tilde account.

A Twitter friend turned me on to these amazing looking desktop PCs from System76, and I’ve concluded that we need lots more companies making high end computers that look like furniture, again.

All I needed today was to make a boot/install disk, and yet: in the decades of personal computing leftovers in drawers and boxes around this house, there’s not one single USB flash drive. Inconceivable. Like, I have a little envelope of CompactFlash cards, and a roller mouse.