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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: computers

Having nursed a finicky NUC as my Roon server for four years and been this close to picking up a Mac Mini to do the job but unsure if I really wanted another whole computer, I’m finding the new Nucleus One to be pretty appealing.

Wondering if there’s still time to get really into, like, tmux before going back to work.

I really like all the stuff on Robb Knight’s website, and The Web is Fantastic is a super example of why. In this slow span of days before New Year’s I love having a list of inspiring Things To Do On the Web.

I wanted to make a QR code to go along with a gift card I’m giving to someone. The search space for how to do that is a wasteland of SEO and sketchy generators, but – turns out – there’s a MacOS/iOS shortcut already available in the Shortcuts gallery. HOWEVER: Searching for just “QR” doesn’t find it; search for “QR code” instead, and you’re good to go.

My NUC running Suse must have heard me talking about replacing it with a Mac Mini, because it’s been stubbornly stable for about 36 hours, after crashing perhaps a dozen times on Tuesday. I’m giving it the strong side eye.

I spent an unseemly portion of today getting Suse to work on my finicky NUC to run my Roon server. If it’s still unstable then I think it must be a hardware issue, and I’ll just replace the whole thing with a Mac Mini.

I spent some time today rewriting a shortcut that uploads images to the media endpoint I use for my blog. It now covers all my core use cases of converting HEICs where needed and resizing images that are too big. I’m super pleased at these improvements, and am still impressed that it works on both my desktop and iPhone, but also – oof, working in shortcuts still feels unintuitive and clunky so often.