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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: data

Had a great time hanging out, learning, and getting inspired by things at #csvconf the last couple of days. Go 🦙!

Calling R specifically and data folks in general: anybody using the M1 routinely with a broad analytics/data sci set of tools now? Things look pretty promising but I wonder if the day to day still relies on too much fiddling in/out of Rosetta to feel effective.

Likely not on the radar for most of my academic, stats and data sci friends: the Tableau conf is free and online this week. While the tool may not be in your wheelhouse, it’s almost certainly in your institutional/civic infrastructure. Good oppty to see the conversation here.

Today’s great discovery is stringr::str_extract with a nice regular expression.

Summary of text editor usage showing vim at #1 with 117 mentions Plot of Uses This data showing text editor usage over time On the occasion of @ftrain being interviewed for Uses This, I checked in on the Text Editor Race. While annual emacs mentions spiked ca. 2012, vim has maintained a relatively steady mentions number. Mentions of editors generally have declined, but here comes Visual Studio Code.