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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: dogs

A black dog asleep on her side in a bright beam of sunlight on the carpet.  Monday puppy sunbeam update: puppy is sound asleep and having those little kicking dreams, in the sunbeam.

Overhead view of a black dog squeezed onto an orange chair with a big pillow The pillow cramps her style a bit, but there’s still room for a good puppy rest. #mbfeb 16! 📷

Photo of a dog sleeping in a sunbeam on a treadmill.  Me: All right, time to get in some work and some miles at this sweet treadmill desk. Dog: Hang on be right there. Dog: snores

photo of a two dogs laying on a rug together It has been one week since we adopted Nova, and she and Gunnison have become quite comfy together. We think she loves living with her new people, too.