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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: dogs

A mostly black dog sits in a bright sunbeam on a tile floor, eyes closed with her face in the sunshine.

Sunday sunbeam update: Puppy is in the sunbeam.

With wintery weather arriving, she’s back to her warm tile-seeking ways.

A medium sized black dog lies in profile with her head tilted to look at something behind her. She is on an outdoor rug on a wooden deck with lawn and garden behind her.

Gunnison relaxes on the porch while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, like birds or squirrels.

My photo library has made a sweet album for me titled “Pet Friends 2020.” Every single photo is of my neighbor’s cat. I have a dog.

A black dog wearing an e-collar and looking dismayed

Been a long time since the cone came out. But the cone is out because someone can’t leave her sore spot alone.

A black dog asleep on her side in a bright beam of sunlight on the carpet.

Monday puppy sunbeam update: puppy is sound asleep and having those little kicking dreams, in the sunbeam.