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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: indieweb

In other blog news, I’ve swapped in webmention support for links from Mastodon, at least partially. Reposts aren’t quite displayed as I’d like, but likes and replies should be working. I had to remember/rediscover a couple of bits of blog plumbing, which makes me sort of want to revise my whole setup here. BUT. I don’t think I’ll go quite that far.

I realized this morning that I have been on for just over a year now. So, happy micro anniversary to me :) I continue to enjoy relationships here and the way m.b enables indieweb infrastructure is a great model. Cheers all, @manton and @macgenie!

Last time I went on vacation, I got all relaxed and thought, “sure, I can coach the soccer team.” This time I’m all relaxed and thinking, “maybe I’ll start up a tiny podcast here on my” 👀

Yeah, the barriers to entry are still too high for most, but this is certainly a good reason to host your own media. I can just log in to the server and run exiftool to verify that my images are all clean! It’s a nice level of confidence.

This note by @manton reminded me that I’ve been meaning to update my media endpoint to remove location data: for iOS now strips the location and other metadata from photos before uploading too. It’s easy to overlook but really important.

Now, so does my micropub posting flow!

It would appear I have now built a working (for my idiosyncratic definition of working, barely) javascript tool to display mentions from I’ll clean up and share it ASAP and meanwhile, will test a bit more with live posts.