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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: iphone

I spent some time today rewriting a shortcut that uploads images to the media endpoint I use for my blog. It now covers all my core use cases of converting HEICs where needed and resizing images that are too big. I’m super pleased at these improvements, and am still impressed that it works on both my desktop and iPhone, but also – oof, working in shortcuts still feels unintuitive and clunky so often.

I did decide that this is the year to replace my iPhone X, and I’m excited about that. But five years of small nicks in the bezel and a bunch of scratches on the glass (mostly near the edges and none so bad to worry about after my initial horror) make this one feel well-used and familiar in all the right ways. It’s less like an old hammer and more like a favorite pair of work gloves that have been so many places and done so many things with me.