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screenshot showing the QMK configuration of a keyboard layer, with the RESET command highlighted The hardware flash mode on the Q1 requires removing the space bar and pushing a tiny button while plugging in the keyboard. But you can program a key to do this instead. This is a massive improvement! Fiddling/Learning QMK would be terribly cumbersome otherwise.

Keyboard programming with QMK update: Adding more vim keys to a new layer on my Q1! After a long time idly thinking it would be neat to have vim-style navigation in, for example, an Outlook compose window, I can now toggle layers and do exactly that. It’s pretty slick.

A plastic bag containing grey and blue keyboard switches. The bag is labeled T167g. Oh, this keyboard hobby is going to be a Thing, I can tell. I got some alternative switches to try in my Q1. These are quiet tactile switches, slightly stiffer than the stock Gateron browns. I swapped them in for ESC and return, and got a nice, just stronger feel with less ping.

Too Many Words About Two Keyboards

In the span of three weeks I’ve somehow accumulated not one but two mechanical keyboards: A Keychron K2, and a Ducky One 2 SF. I had ordered the Ducky first, but it was out of stock and after about a week it appeared that its shipping date had been pushed back even further – several more weeks out from my reading of the inventory update at In a fit of impulsive work-at-home consumerism (in which I see I am in good company, I also ordered the Keychron, which arrived in just two days, and I’ve cheerfully been banging away on it for the last couple of weeks.