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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: mac

I wanted to make a QR code to go along with a gift card I’m giving to someone. The search space for how to do that is a wasteland of SEO and sketchy generators, but – turns out – there’s a MacOS/iOS shortcut already available in the Shortcuts gallery. HOWEVER: Searching for just “QR” doesn’t find it; search for “QR code” instead, and you’re good to go.

I spent some time today rewriting a shortcut that uploads images to the media endpoint I use for my blog. It now covers all my core use cases of converting HEICs where needed and resizing images that are too big. I’m super pleased at these improvements, and am still impressed that it works on both my desktop and iPhone, but also – oof, working in shortcuts still feels unintuitive and clunky so often.

Figure I’ll get Ventura installed today. I think I’ve been holding off – for nearly a year – because I’ve been concerned it would break something in brew.

MacOS/Shortcuts folks: Can I send a photo to a shortcut via quick actions? I can run the action in a shortcut to pop up the little picker, but can’t figure out if there’s a way to do it from within Photos itself. I want to be looking at an image, run an action, and send that image to a workflow. I think I’m mistaken in believing that this should work.