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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

A medium sized black dog lies in profile with her head tilted to look at something behind her. She is on an outdoor rug on a wooden deck with lawn and garden behind her.

Gunnison relaxes on the porch while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, like birds or squirrels.

The bright front entry of a coffe shop, with trees slightly shading its large sign, lit by morning sun from the side

I got coffee and breakfast with my sister, at Ogden’s Kaffee Mercantile yesterday morning. It’s a lovely spot in the neighborhood where I grew up.

A fence post in the foreground of a large meadow of tall grass, with a low ridge and sun setting in the distance

Sunset last night was pretty good. We’ve had dust from the west desert blown in for the last few days, so this clearing evening of fresh, breezy and cool air was welcome.

A black dog wearing an e-collar and looking dismayed

Been a long time since the cone came out. But the cone is out because someone can’t leave her sore spot alone.

A man standing on a light blue paddleboard, with water stretching to trees and then a background of peaks with a bit of snow still on them.

I got out yesterday morning with my dad for the first paddleboard session of the year. There’s lots of water in the reservoir, at least for right now. It felt good to be out on the water, in the sun with him again.

A large burrito with one bite taken out, with a coffee cup in the sun behind it

It’s Friday, my friends! I have had a great big workout (incl leg burners snuck in at the end by my trainer), procured a breakfast burrito, and have the day off to start a long weekend. Let’s go!

A partially completed puzzle with many neatly arranged pieces placed beside it

Having placed every puzzle piece with the slightest identifiable feature, we are left with a sea of blue, and we are positively laying siege to the remainder.