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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

A silver and black camera sits on a bright, narrow countertop, lens pointing away. The light is bright, making the shadow very stark and deep behind the camera.

I found that the battery on my Fuji X-T30 no longer holds a charge, so I’m making photos this Thanksgiving with my X100S while I order a replacement battery. Gosh this camera feels so good to hold and use. It’s just so elegant and solid and graceful. I should carry it everywhere.

A close-cropped photo of a green coffee cup sits beside an open Macbook in front of a glowing, electric fireplace.

My early morning routine this holiday week has been journaling and coffee by the fireplace. It’s a small, electric fire that doesn’t put out a lot of heat, but it warms my toes a bit when it’s cold.

A mostly black dog sits in a bright sunbeam on a tile floor, eyes closed with her face in the sunshine.

Sunday sunbeam update: Puppy is in the sunbeam.

With wintery weather arriving, she’s back to her warm tile-seeking ways.