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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: roon

I spent an unseemly portion of today getting Suse to work on my finicky NUC to run my Roon server. If it’s still unstable then I think it must be a hardware issue, and I’ll just replace the whole thing with a Mac Mini.

I was a little worried that either upstream bandwidth or firewall nonsense would make it hard to use the new Arc app with my home Roon setup. I’m super pleased to find it basically seamless in my case! After enabling it on my system and not touching a single network setting, I listened to a bunch of music from my Roon server while out running errands today. I had no buffering, dropouts or stuttering. Just music from my house playing in my car. Pretty cool.

Roon produces really nice composited images for sharing, but they’re still essentially isolated from the rest of the world – there’s no link as part of its sharing output. Last night I spent just enough time getting familiar enough with roon-extension-http-api to figure out how to link from its view of catalog or the now playing screen out to songwhip, which will produce a link to several listening platforms and stores. Cool!