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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: screenshots

An album cover for If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry Roon surfaced this fantastic Marah album for me this afternoon. “The Dishwasher’s Dreams” is my favorite song on the album, raucous and desperate and hopeful.

Screenshot of Libby showing a sync code to be entered in a new device  Today I learned that Libby has this fantastic sync feature that lets you copy library cards and info to another device. I wanted to read a book that Libby can’t send to Kindle, and this worked elegantly to make it available on an iPad.

Screenshot of a sprinkler control app on a phone screen  About a year on, I’m super happy with this smart sprinkler controller. Being able to put plants in the ground, adjust sprinklers and then test them without running to the control box is amazing, and the smart scheduling seems to work pretty well.

A dot plot showing win and loss performance over time, with my Titan having a slightly better performance A plot of Destiny weapon usage showing the Erentil fusion rifle being my far and away favorite I’ve been meaning to post an update to my Destiny Stats for a good long time. While I have a long methods post sort of drafted (and have dramatically improved the way I produce this information), I thought I’d share these stats from the Iron Banner events through the Shadowkeep expansion: A plot of my win-loss and score by class, and a visual of total weapon usage. The latter clearly shows that I have a pretty serious fusion rifle problem.

Album cover: photo of Josh Ritter with a guitar; and the lyrics to the song Kathleen: 'every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied.' Hello Starling was the first Josh Ritter album I heard. So many years on, it’s still a treasure of an album with a captivating live set at the end. “Kathleen” is a full-on anthem that I’m lucky enough to have seen live a few times, myself.

Screenshot of the Libby app displaying the control view for the audiobook of Borne. Picked up Borne in audiobook from my library, using Libby. It’s an intriguing read/listen so far, and I continue to be really happy with how well done Libby is.