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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: screenshots

An overhead view of a man standing at the head of a fallen gryphon, sprawled on its side with its lion head at his feet.

Last night’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 adventure: got lost in a cave system and stumbled into a gryphon that my party fought for what felt like hours, and finally defeated. It just felt epic.

A flaming capsule hurtles toward earth in. Helldivers 2 screenshot. The tip at the bottom of the screen reads ‘when in doubt, simply shout FOR DEMOCRACY and charge into your problems.’

Really having a good time playing Helldivers 2 the past couple of weeks. It’s a good mix of goofy, difficult and utterly chaotic.

A screenshot from Destiny 2 showing several player characters at the edge of a platform. It depicts the final scene after victory over Oryx in the Kings Fall raid. A player is emoting sitting in a luxurious chair swirling a wine glass.

I’m really happy to have found a group to more regularly run raids – fun and challenging endgame content – in Destiny 2. It’s particularly special because my kiddo is big enough now to regularly run with us and this group of friends is generous and welcoming to them. Last night we completed Kings Fall together, and this raid is a real nostalgia trip in D2, in addition to being a lot of fun. It was kiddo’s first completion of this one, so a memorable one for both us.

Screenshot of a pixel-style game showing a party of player characters on the right side and a giant floating monster with rays of light emanating from it, on the left.

I’m really having a good time with Chained Echoes. This was the first pretty hard boss and I had to think about how to handle it, revising my tactics and leveling up my party a bit more before I successfully finished it off. This is a great Steam Deck game for kicking back on the sofa.

A screenshot showing armor statistics for loadouts in Destiny 2

This revision of ArmoreR is really turning into something I’m happy with and proud of. I’ve learned so much since the very first iteration of this about a year ago. It’s really fun and rewarding to come back to it with a bunch of new expertise and make it much better in all ways, including a new approach to dealing with such a large amount of information.