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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: snow

A red barn sits at the far edge of a green field. In the distance is a set of rocky peaks with snow still on them.

A wet and cool spring means that there is still some snow on the peaks, but summer is now coming in hot, so it won’t last much longer.

A brown, cedar-sided house enveloped in deep snow. The sidewalk and stairs have been cleared, leaving piles of snow on either side, and the driveway is cleared but covered in a light dusting of new snow, and snow is swirling in the air.

The official snowfall at the airport near us was 17+ inches in this storm. We got all shoveled out without needing to get the snowblower fired up, but the forecast is calling for another twelve to eighteen inches in the next two days. Gonna have to stay limber.

A shadowed road leading ahead around a corner, and overlooking a high mountain valley covered in snow, lit with low sun

Yesterday was a good, busy day. I ran early errands and enjoyed, as always, the view coming over the divide into the valley. Today? It’s back to work.

A steep snowy ridge lit by sunrise, with pink and orange clouds against the blue sky and windows reflecting bright light

Today we go back to work and school after a long winter’s holiday. I’m not particularly ready, but am resolved to work on some elements of focus and persistence to keep myself and my team getting done what needs doing.