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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: sunset

In blue dusk light, a great horned own sits on top of a utility pole with homes and a ridge in the background. The photo is just a little too far away to see clearly, but the owl’s shape, ear tufts and face are visible.

I’ve been hearing great horned owl hoots pre-dawn lately, and last night we heard them as the sun went behind the ridge. Out the window, we saw this fine beauty perched and calling out.

A ridge is backlit by late evening light, and whips yellow and orange clouds sit above it. In the foreground is a shadowed field of cut alfalfa.

We had another nice Ogden valley sunset, last night. It’s been hot here, and back in Flagstaff, too, but monsoon rains are forecast to cool down both of these hometowns this week.

A fence post in the foreground of a large meadow of tall grass, with a low ridge and sun setting in the distance

Sunset last night was pretty good. We’ve had dust from the west desert blown in for the last few days, so this clearing evening of fresh, breezy and cool air was welcome.