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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: work

I learned today that one of the magical things pandoc can do under the hood for Quarto is use a Powerpoint template to render slides. I can work in RStudio to make slides in my company’s style; this is amazing!

(Footnote: This assumes a template that uses at least some standard powerpoint slide notation, which my company’s official templates do … not quite do. But a little bit of revision of the slide master got me there!)

My work week starts with “service interruption to a major power line.” At least I got to make coffee first.

Any friends have firsthand experience comparing the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse? I’d like to get some gestures back now that I’m using a Mac for work at my desk.

A photo of a scone covered in butter on a plate

Every time I see a “workers need to be back in the office” take, I’m going to reply with this photo of a fresh homemade scone covered in homemade clotted cream, sitting beside my keyboard while I work in the morning sunlight streaming through my window.

Mechanical keyboard update: I’m now a guy who swaps from the one with blue switches to the one with brown switches when I go from work to games. 🎮