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Pretty Good Hat

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I chanced across this old post about how my kid played Breath of the Wild, recently. Well, they’re keeping up that style: they started playing Elden Ring last week, and beat the game today. One week! I’m months into that game and nowhere near finishing it. All this, after starting Tears of the Kingdom weeks after I did, totally bogarting my Switch and beating the game after profoundly breaking all its mechanics to their will.

How I Play Zelda vs How My Kid Plays Zelda

Me: plays for many hours I’ve accumulated a good amount of resources and equipment. I had best continue conservatively, not buying more than the absolute necessities so that I can min-max my stats and capabilities for upcoming situations.

goes to work


My kid: Dad I used all our bomb arrows and bought endurance rings with all the spirit orbs. Also I spent most of our rupees for lots of armor and dyed it all blue because it looks so cool and now I look like the blue ninja!

This is good for me.