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Pretty Good Hat

📚Finished Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches by John Hodgman yesterday. A fun set of essays on being an adult and figuring out grown-up friendships. Hodgman balances these with touching, insightful passages about grief and learning to say goodbye on the early passing of his mother.

📚Finished The Changeling by Victor LaVelle. Compelling (maybe a little long) read mixing family legacy, race, social media and … monsters.

Me: Ah, springtime! I’m gonna make pizza on the grill. Sharp edge the grill: Nah bruh, you’re gonna get your tetanus booster tonight!

I’m experimenting with actually posting some things to Flickr again. Scrolling back through many years of history there is really a trip.

Photo of the Extra Life album cover and turntable arm on the album.  A couple of weeks ago I saw Darlingside in concert. Since then I’ve picked up a couple of their albums and they’re just great. Not only is the music wonderful, but the Extra Life vinyl itself is just strikingly gorgeous.

📚 The Newcomer by Keigo Higashino. This is an intricate mystery, and while it makes me interested in the detective at its core it doesn’t really tell me much about him (beyond his brilliant detective-ing), and it reads sort of distant.

📚Finished reading Severance by Ling Ma this week. It was a fascinating and specifically observed story about isolation, routine and consumption. Also a mournful and very different take on zombies.