My mid-2014 MacBook Pro has had a good run, but the trackpad has gotten fiddly — which was workable — and the MagSafe cable just split at the connector end — which definitely means a discrete life remaining. I thought maybe I’d hang in there until ARM. But I think it’s time.

Trees and shoreline reflecting in a still lake, with a near full moon high overhead.

It was a perfect, perfect morning to go out paddling. Cool air, glassy water that turned to a few light riffles with a breath of breeze, and the rising sun made for a calming, restoring time on the water.

Self portrait in a pullover blue hoodie in front of shady lake

This morning’s sunrise paddle session was short: it was breezy and cold! I was really glad to have kept my favorite sweater in my dry bag, because I couldn’t have gone out on the water without it. Even so, it was chilly, and I was scared of falling into that cold water.

A partially shaded lake with some high clouds overhead lit by low sunrise light

Checking in from this sunrise paddle session. It was a beautiful, absolutely calm morning on the lake today.

FYI gonna take a couple more days off, everybody.

looking over a yellow paddle board floating in a lake; in the distance are peaks and clouds

I’ve been on the lake on a borrowed stand-up paddleboard several times this long vacation week, and loved it. This morning was perfect weather, compared with my first trip a few days ago when it was so windy. I’m a believer; ordered my own board today!

A small field of bright yellow daisies that contrast with greens and dark grey of a wet street.

For lots of reasons we look forward to our first big monsoon storm of the year, and it arrived yesterday – a heavy hours-long rain that made this spray of daisies and other annual wildflowers even more brilliant.

Album cover for the Japandroids album Massey Fucking Hall.

Happy Friday. Listen to some fucking Japandroids.

My school district has released its plan for the coming year and it includes a set of options that still need so much discussion and development. And in a sign of how impoverished we are for civic infrastructure, the town hall to discuss this plan will be held on … Facebook.

A beer glass half full, next to a can reading Chateau Americana

I hear it’s happy hour. Or, if it wasn’t, well it is now. This is Chateau Americana, a Trappist style pale ale from one of my town’s many fine microbreweries, Wanderlust Brewing Co.

Orange ink samples on a notebook page, ranging from bright pure orange to mixes of orange-red and orange-brown.

Enjoying my coffee while finishing up some ink sampling. I love these oranges. I think the Noodler’s Habanero might be my favorite, but that Fuyu-gaki is lovely and vibrant.

A corner of a room with an orange chair and green plant crossed by a bright sunbeam

I love the way the light falls in this corner of the living room.

A cappuccino and a bourbon garnished with nectarine

Morning supply / evening supply

Quarantine achievement unlocked: home haircut ✂️

Barr’s corruption and venality are really something to behold. His disdain for the people, press, basically anything beyond his and the president’s interests is astonishing.

ponderosa pines with sun shining through them

Pine trees and sunrise 🌄

Coffee mug in my lap

Hammock, morning bird sounds, coffee. This is a nice way to start today.

Ordered coffee, prints, and pen supplies today. Scritched a cat and four dogs. Did some work and got to write some R code. Played some video game. Read with kiddo. Walked with H. Watched some Clone Wars.

Pretty good one, y’all.

Map showing a 14 mile bike route Trail leading away through ponderosa pine trees with low sun View through trees and meadow to a tall peak beyond

I had a nice ride on the bike first thing this morning. It was a cold start – 38ºF! – and beautiful early morning to be in the woods: Elk, a couple of rabbits, and lots of birds were out there starting their days, too. I hadn’t been up the steep Woody Mountain climb for a while! It’s still there; still steep.

This Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is an absolute mountain of games – tabletop, action, RPG, low-fi, indie and big-studios. All proceeds are split between the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fund. Give a lot.

photo of two stacked journals with dates written on the spine

By today I’m a handful of pages into no. 3. This is the longest I’ve carried on a journaling habit in my life, and I’m really happy to be writing a bit every day.

I’m going to say something inflammatory but I trust I’m among friends. I don’t think the Lord of the Rings films have aged very well. Part of that is just by comparison to the twenty years of film that have come since. Part of that is contextual: I’m just not very interested in watching men being moody right now; and a big part is that Jackson only allows about one and a half emotions per actor and just holds them there. It’s fatiguing.

Top-down photo of a cappuccino in an orange mug

Why, yes, I am having a third cappuccino today.

Think I’ll settle in for a solid Friday evening with a viewing of Cabin in the Woods. 🎥 🍷

After a long but tolerable hold, I had a perfectly pleasant and effective conversation with a helpful Verizon rep today. Just putting a little good energy out there, gang.