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Pretty Good Hat

An album cover for If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry Roon surfaced this fantastic Marah album for me this afternoon. “The Dishwasher’s Dreams” is my favorite song on the album, raucous and desperate and hopeful.

Image of an album cover  This Mandolin Orange cover of Gregory Alan Isakov’s Amsterdam is just lovely for this afternoon’s listening.

I do wonder what, exactly, is the acceptable window between “too far from the election not to seat a new Supreme Court justice” and “too close to the end of the president’s term to risk newfound unity by pursuing accountability after the coup.”

I’m curious if any of my micro.buddies use an indoor cycle of any kind: Peleton or other setup, a trainer, etc? I miss my hard spin sessions and am finally thinking of cramming a bike in the house somewhere. 🚴

That an entire institutionalized political party — the endlessly preening “party of moral responsibility!” —is so dedicated to resisting any consequences for their guys, is somehow still astonishing, even after the past years. What an irredeemably shameful thing.

A view out a window, under a sign reading CRIOLLO, showing storefronts and cars I’m sitting this morning sipping a cappuccino at my kitchen counter, scrolling through photos from last year and thinking about all the places I haven’t been for a long time. Here’s the view from one year ago, at our favorite Sunday breakfast spot downtown.

hello world

I think the first push of this site revision broke my RSS feed, but I have now – I hope – identified and fixed that. So, hello again, all. I think Pretty Good Hat is publishing correctly once again!

A desk with monitor mounted on it, coffee cup and keyboard  It was nice to have the dining room table back for a couple of weeks. Going back to work means I’ve now reconfigure it once again as my desk.