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Pretty Good Hat

I’m so deeply disheartened at Vice’s shutting down of Waypoint. It has been such a source of insight and joy. If its strong patron-supported model of critique and community can’t survive – and let’s be clear, it’s not that it didn’t make money; it didn’t make enough money for some small group of assholes to care enough to keep it on the books – then… well, fuck capitalism, go home.

The next few weeks of podcasts are going to sad bangers.

Continuing my weekend of exploring my own web stuff, I’m digging into my logs for the first time in a while, and finding GoAccess to be a really nice, lightweight, and useful tool.

This afternoon’s tinkering with some Hugo config has sent me down a rabbit hole, I tell you what. I’m wandering through the SQL tables of my old Textpattern site (first post, Jan 2002!) and scrolling deep in my long-unused Day One journals. I started with thinking about picking up Day One again for a focused photo journal, and now I’m hit with this almost crushing weight of seeing so many memories collected together. It’s a lot, y’all.

I’ve learned just enough about go conditionals and comparisons within Hugo templates to revise my lil blog’s “now” page list of “posts on this day” to “posts on and around this day.” Solid.

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby standing in a bicycle and smiling, in the background of text describing a ride. The ride is titled 2000s Ride and shows a graph of time in different heart rate zones.

This morning’s ride was a good start to a busy Sunday. I also got to test out my custom little Shiny app for building nice little shareable images with the Peloton API!