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Pretty Good Hat

A medium sized black dog lies in profile with her head tilted to look at something behind her. She is on an outdoor rug on a wooden deck with lawn and garden behind her.

Gunnison relaxes on the porch while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, like birds or squirrels.

On @FlagrantError’s pointer, I tried out Rectangle as an alternative to Amethyst. It’s not (currently) a true tiling window manager, but holy smokes it’s fantastic! I’m trying the Rectangle Pro features with the free ten-day trial and it’s a 100% certain purchase for me. It’s absolutely packed with smart mechanics for managing windows with keyboard shortcuts and/or a modifier + mouse combination. Repeated activations of a shortcut can cycle through multiple configurations. And there’s a brilliant feature to activate the “mouse throw” of a window using multitouch activation on a trackpad. I’m totally hooked on it.

Screenshot showing the synology interface identifying a failing hard drive that needs to be replaced

One of my Synology drives has been reporting errors for a little while. I’m glad I ordered replacement drives last night!

My photo library has made a sweet album for me titled “Pet Friends 2020.” Every single photo is of my neighbor’s cat. I have a dog.

I’m experimenting with Amethyst for the first time in quite a while. I’m curious if there are other good tiling WMs for Mac OS that folks really like these days? Any recommendations?

The bright front entry of a coffe shop, with trees slightly shading its large sign, lit by morning sun from the side

I got coffee and breakfast with my sister, at Ogden’s Kaffee Mercantile yesterday morning. It’s a lovely spot in the neighborhood where I grew up.

A situation yesterday prompted me to recall this video, which I return to once in a while when I am low on joy. The rube goldberg machine version of this is probably more famous, but this marching band version of This Too Shall Pass fills a certain critical part of my heart in a way that I can’t really explain.