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Pretty Good Hat

A bottle sits beside a partially full glass of very dark beer. They sit mostly in shadow but are lit by one bright spot of sun I’ve had this bottle of World Wide Stout in the fridge for, I think, two years. Today, puttering around in the kitchen together, seemed like a good day to crack it open. It was delicious.

colorful mural against a blue, cloudy sky looking up a street sided by brick buildings, to see a large green and red wreath, and the sign for the Hotel Monte Vista high above the street the bright white brick exterior of a low, corner restaurant building with the sign Pizzicletta above its door an urban stream heavily covered with fallen leaves, seen through the bars of a bridge fence I haven’t spent much time downtime since the pandemic. In previous days, I would frequently spend a weekend morning or afternoon with a short walk, shoot some photos for a while, and finish with a beer at Mother Road, breakfast, or coffee somewhere. Yesterday was just the walk; it was fun too see the shops decorated – even with the late morning sunlight being less than ideal for photos – and nice to again do something that I used to really enjoy.

A mound of tater tots surround a breakfast sandwich of avocado and egg on a toasted english muffin I picked up breakfast this morning from Tourist Home, one of my pre-pandemic favorite spots, and brought it home to enjoy on the porch in cool, damp weather. The sandwich got a bit smushed in transit, but was still fantastic.

I played a whole bunch of Inscryption, today. It’s pretty brilliant! It unfolds in really surprising ways and I had some of the same “oh!” moments figuring out successful mechanics as I had discovering things in Outer Wilds. What a fantastically crafted game.

Good morning. Ahem: Soft pretzels! Pizza rolls! Bagels, baguettes and brioche! Rye! Cranberry walnut! Stoneground wheat! Cross buns and ciabatta! Get ‘em here! Thank you for coming to my breads hawk.