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Pretty Good Hat

I’ve been on vacation and the last few days in particular really felt like River Time. What day is it? Doesn’t matter. Time stretches out and compresses at the same time, and every day feels like Sunday, somehow. Well, today really is Sunday and tomorrow I head back to work, so it’s time to start resetting my head space.

I’m happy to find that calibre worked overnight as I hoped: after a few days of tinkering with setting it up on my little Ubuntu NUC, it’s pulling a couple of news and reading sources into daily digests and sending them to my kindle via email. I wish that kindle were more flexible with ad hoc reading (and it’s one reason I’m thinking about a kobo), but this is a nice, effective step toward how I would like it to work.

I’m really taken by this line in Paul Ford’s newest essay at Wired:

What I’m going to work on, for the rest of my career in the tech industry, hand to God (OK, I’m an atheist and easily distracted, so caveat lector), is making nice little tutorials and tools—better sticks for kinder monkeys.

“better sticks for kinder monkeys” is such an admirable, and needed, call to center empathy and humanity in what we make.

a hand holds an orange dish containing a round graham cracker, brown-toasted marshmallow, and piece of chocolate on top. The chocolate is stamped with the brand Enjoy Life.

We rounded out our birthdays week here with s’mores of homemade, gluten free graham crackers and allergy-friendly chocolate!

A soft hoagie roll holds a pile of browned meat layered with cheese and pickled onion and herbs. Beside it sit a white paper bag of homemade potato chips and a dark reddish brown cocktail on ice.

Yesterday was a pretty good one-more-year milestone: A tough early workout followed by nature’s perfect food – the breakfast burrito – some Destiny 2 time with kiddo, a tremendous monsoon storm in the afternoon, and dinner of this amazing pork confit bánh mi.

It’s that most rare and special of mornings in Flagstaff, where it’s full-on foggy out and it feels like waking up on the San Juan Islands.

I’m officially on vacation, but there’s so much that I want to “bring back” to work with me from this week’s rstudio::conf. Looking forward to one more day with this community of folks doing and learning things.