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Pretty Good Hat

For the first morning in about seven weeks, I have no Big Next Steps. We have lots to do still, of course: plenty of unpacking and making this place home; new doctors to find; paperwork and address changes and voter registrations; oh and a whole house to sell. It’s still quiet and a little dark out, the way I like it when I’m sipping my first coffee and observing the morning. This first part of our whirlwind “should we move? Let’s move” adventure is done, and while I’m excited for the next part, I’m also quite happy to note that we’re here, we made it, and this morning all I have to do is be.

A lollipop style Covid test card, showing a positive test line

Well, this has significantly interrupted my plans. I’m feeling okay and avoided getting extremely sick, fortunately.

Looking into a kitchen and living room from the floor above. A vaulted ceiling arches high. The rooms are empty, lights sparkling on shiny counters and wooden counter island. An intricate chandelier and large teardrop shaped light fixtures focus more light.

What a big two weeks: I traveled back to FLG to pack, clean and get the house ready to sell. My dad joined me and we worked hard; it takes a lot to pack up sixteen years of life in a home. It was a really special week together.

Seems bad when the Supreme Court is like “gosh, this case from an obviously profoundly immoral guy acting in bad faith really tests our ability to rule in cases of law that presume good faith on the part of the most powerful person in the world. We’d better punt.”