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Pretty Good Hat

An image of the album cover for John Moreland’s album ‘Live at Third Man Records’: A close-up monotone profile image of him, bearded and in a hat and glasses, with a guitar strap across his shoulder.

I really enjoy John Moreland’s lyricism and performance style. This spare, live album is heartfelt and shows off both nicely. Great for a quiet early holiday afternoon.

My NUC running Suse must have heard me talking about replacing it with a Mac Mini, because it’s been stubbornly stable for about 36 hours, after crashing perhaps a dozen times on Tuesday. I’m giving it the strong side eye.

I spent an unseemly portion of today getting Suse to work on my finicky NUC to run my Roon server. If it’s still unstable then I think it must be a hardware issue, and I’ll just replace the whole thing with a Mac Mini.

The last couple of weekends I’ve been slowly working on some improvements to Armorer, my Destiny 2 loadout finder build in Shiny.

Screenshot showing an application that allows a user to specify several parameters for a Destiny 2 loadout: Class, exotic armor, and several stat criteria including minimum stat total, power level, and primary ability stat values.

Notable enhancements for this release include:

  • Huge revision of the backend method for stat calculation, making it more flexible and accurate
  • Highlighting of masterwork items in display
  • Proper forwarding of selected ability fragments to DIM for loadout building (this was harder than I thought it would be)

There are some bugs to address and optimization to perform, of course. But, with these improvements, the tool is finally just about as functional as I have long wanted it to be! I think it’s really pretty good, and I’m pleased and proud to have made something sophisticated and useful. I hope some more Destiny 2 players will try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Fence posts in the foreground frame the view of a still-green pasture, with a row of trees in the distance. Beyond that is a line of ridges with a tiny bit of snow visible at their highest points.

The first cold days of autumn, plus some rainy overnights, left a small bit of snow just barely visible on the ramp of ridges that lead up to Ben Lomond Peak.