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Pretty Good Hat

Screenshot showing a set of dot plots with dark and a few light blue colored points. One set of points are highlighted, representing a selected build. The image shows a bar graph of that build’s stats, including 90 discipline, and a text table of the specific armor pieces.

With the release of the tremendously good The Final Shape expansion, I’m in the mood to make some updates to my Destiny 2 tools. First up is Armorer, with a re-work of some filtering options to limit possible loadouts by tier, which seems to get right to an effective loadout more quickly than my prior approach. It’s a little limited, but I really like the direction this allows me to go. And it’s fun to work on again!

Amid finding and buying a house, packing to sell a house, getting Covid and finally actually moving over the past eight weeks, my workout routine really took a hit. I finally got on the bike once again, at pretty low intensity. I also hit a full week of strength workouts for the first time in many weeks. It’s been really hard coming back from a big hit to this schedule, and even though I’m only at about 70%, it feels good.

Image depicting information for a Peloton cycling ride. The image shows Ally Love superimposed on a black background, with information describing a 30 minute Feel Good Ride.

For the first morning in about seven weeks, I have no Big Next Steps. We have lots to do still, of course: plenty of unpacking and making this place home; new doctors to find; paperwork and address changes and voter registrations; oh and a whole house to sell. It’s still quiet and a little dark out, the way I like it when I’m sipping my first coffee and observing the morning. This first part of our whirlwind “should we move? Let’s move” adventure is done, and while I’m excited for the next part, I’m also quite happy to note that we’re here, we made it, and this morning all I have to do is be.

A lollipop style Covid test card, showing a positive test line

Well, this has significantly interrupted my plans. I’m feeling okay and avoided getting extremely sick, fortunately.