Collage of album cover art from iTunes

These weekly Apple Music favorites mixes are usually very hit and miss, but this one is good from start to finish. Not a skip in the list.

👍 Liked: About this website

View of the San Francisco Peaks with a little snow, on the horizon.

I do live in a special place. We have clear and a dark nights, and we have the San Francisco Peaks sitting atop nearly every view in town. I like to take a snapshot of the changing seasons from my twelve minute commute.

On the death of the last male white rhino I’m recalling Douglas Adams’ and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance to See. Carwardine writes that we must care about these creatures not simply because their loss represents irreversible damage to our planet and futures, but also because “the world would be a poorer, darker, lonelier place without them.”

/now: Reading up on h-entry and workin’ on my microformats.

Dark blue bottle of ink on a kitchen counter with orange tile behind it.

Yesterday, hanging out with my son who is on spring break: “Dad, what is ink made of?” What followed was a perfect hour long Wikipedia dive together into pigments, dyes, CMYK colors, lapis and iron oxide. I learned a bunch!

Picture of TV screen showing Mario Kart loading screen

Current state: trash talk.

Espresso in a glass cup on kitchen counter

I’m going to need some more of this today.

It would appear I have now built a working (for my idiosyncratic definition of working, barely) javascript tool to display mentions from I’ll clean up and share it ASAP and meanwhile, will test a bit more with live posts.

👍 Liked: 17 Mar 2018 I sat down and graphed the state of my publishing hub. I finally think I understand what I’ve been trying to do. Two hard bits left: a bookmarklet for “like” etc posts and wordpress comments back into

Great diagram!

Springtime snow in the backyard with pine trees and blue sky.

We got a bit of late-season snow yesterday, so it’s a beautiful slightly snowy day out today. More weather is expected later this weekend, too! March in the high country is good.

Received a voice mail from the school superintendent last night, after student walk-outs. Uh-oh, I thought.

BUT: He expresses support and pride in the students for exercising their right to protest and show solidarity! ✊ Good work, students and FLG schools!

👍 Liked: Oat note, posted March 15, 2018

Eli has fever and the only treatment is more! This is a great writeup and captures a lot of the enthusiasm shared around the m.b communities. 👏

Had a great spin ride at 5am this morning, and got home for sunrise and coffee. 👍 so far, Wednesday.

👍 Liked: Building an IndieWeb Reader

📚I finished The Power by Naomi Alderman last night. It’s evocative and unsettling, poses some good questions about power and gender and violence; it maybe doesn’t quite earn its conclusion but is definitely a good read.

👍 Liked: The Mountain West Is Experiencing A Second Gold Rush. This Time They’re Mining Bitcoin.

My dissertation on local currencies was about three years too early for Bitcoin. I’m fascinated to see old mining towns like Anaconda becoming host to big Bitcoin operations – a new kind of resource extraction replacing the old kind that put a lot of western towns on the map in the first place.

A wooden facade church building with bell tower in evening light

Trinity Episcopal is the church where my mom sang in the choir, my grandfather did the books, and where my parents were married 50 years ago this summer. I was able to walk by and see it on my San Jose trip last week. It had been a long time since.

I've had a fun couple of weeks of continued indieweb stand-up. 

  • (new) My own installation of Quill, which I stood up yesterday and modified slightly in order to add small annotations to like-type posts. 
  • (new) In the process, I got likes more fully wired up so that they appear the way I want them to and get syndicated properly (I think).
    • Doing this with more post types is on the to-do list.
  • (new-ish) All of prettygoodhat is served up securely with Let's Encrypt.
  • (new-ish) A working media endpoint! Thanks to aaronpk/media-endpoint.php. I can't say enough about the reduction in friction of being able to use any Micropub client to not only post but add images to the site. It's like living in a magic future.
    • It's magic, especially when an app like Sunlit can flawlessly connect and post images.
  • (reasonably recent) Implementation of Nanopub from @dgold, enabling micropub-based publishing to Hugo.
  • Webmentions via
    • (I've started sending webmentions with Telegraph.)

I still haven't hooked up any other syndication than to; maybe I'll get around to that, though I'm not feeling a great void by not having Twitter replies or other platforms integrated. (I suppose Bridgy should help make that easy, though.)

In the process of doing all this, I've made some small optimizations to my Hugo templates (which are nonetheless still horrible) and learned a ton about the mechanics of IndieAuth. I've really had a good time and feel rewarded by these efforts to own my own piece of the web. 

👍 Liked: 90ml bottle of Monteverde Sapphire blue fountain pen ink. Monteverde ink is lubricated to help prevent it from drying out in your pen.

Got my first bottled ink for my new pen. Hello, rabbit hole!