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Pretty Good Hat

A landscape showing low, rutted hills leading to the cut cliffs of the Grand Canyon. In the distance are the snowy ridges of the North Rim.

I stopped at the Gap, south of Page, Arizona, on a long day’s road trip earlier this week. I’ve always loved this view of the Grand Canyon cutting through the landscape, but haven’t paused here for photos in years.

I see Fuji has – finally? – released the X100VI! Look, my little 10 year old X100S is still doing quite wonderfully, but … it might be upgrade time.

Well this is disappointing. I’ve been enjoying making a 365 for 2024 playlist, cheerfully adding a song a day. And Apple Music hasn’t actually kept the additions I’ve been making for nearly a month!

I’ve moved away from Lightroom because I’m shooting almost 100% in jpegs when I use my Fuji cameras, and so found I had to do some spelunking to get it up and running again. But now: Whoa. Scrolling through that LR library makes my chest ache with weight of memory and time.

I can’t believe ExpressScripts is trying to Net Promoter Score me. How likely am I to recommend my pharmacy benefits manager to a friend or family? AYFKM. I would sooner fight Balrogs for my prescriptions than recommend a pharmacy benefits manager to a friend or family.

Most impactful personal technology of 2023? For me, good insoles on the recommendation of a podiatrist was a real game-changer.