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Pretty Good Hat

A paper coffee cup on a rough wooden table, with out of focus lights and counter in the background. The cup is labeled Victrola.

A cappuccino photographed from above on a shiny, dark-gray tabletop. It has a white and orange mug and is a rich brown and white color.

It was a whirlwind couple of days in multiple ways. I finished my Seattle coffee jaunt at Cascade Coffee Works; two days later, I’m making cappuccino in my own kitchen.

View from a third-story balcony looking into a large, open space paneled with intricate wood flooring. It’s a former armory converted to a museum. A green biplane hangs from wires in the center, and a long wooden boat to one side. A giant R hangs in the background ringed with red bulbs — the Rainier Beer symbol — and the right side of the frame is comprised of brightly lit windows.

A paper coffee cup with a C written on it in Sharpie pen sits next to a camera on a white table. In the background is a window with some sun shining through.

I really enjoyed visiting MOHAI, the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. It’s a beautiful space with a lot of clever, intricate hands-on exhibits, and a coffee shop to go with it (continuing my South Lake Union cappuccino tour).

In dusk light reflecting off the surrounding buildings, a man with a small dog walks at the top of a short stairway painted with flowers. At the top of the stairs a colorful sign reads SLU, for South Lake Union in Seattle.

Far from home, havjng arrived in Seattle after a two-day trip. I haven’t been in this part of the country for many years; it’s quite something to be back.

An overhead view of a man standing at the head of a fallen gryphon, sprawled on its side with its lion head at his feet.

Last night’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 adventure: got lost in a cave system and stumbled into a gryphon that my party fought for what felt like hours, and finally defeated. It just felt epic.

Having nursed a finicky NUC as my Roon server for four years and been this close to picking up a Mac Mini to do the job but unsure if I really wanted another whole computer, I’m finding the new Nucleus One to be pretty appealing.