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Pretty Good Hat

A mostly black dog sits in a bright sunbeam on a tile floor, eyes closed with her face in the sunshine.

Sunday sunbeam update: Puppy is in the sunbeam.

With wintery weather arriving, she’s back to her warm tile-seeking ways.

An animated gif showing a set of growing bars measuring Destiny 2 weapon usage

I’ve had a really nice hobby R coding weekend, learning to use {gganimate} to make plots like this. I’ve been re-tooling all my old piles of fish scripts that I’ve used to gather my Destiny data from the game’s API. Now I have a useful pair of quarto notebooks that retrieve data using parallel processing and produce this kind of output. I’m super enthused by what I’ve learned!

Had a pretty good hobby coding weekend learning how to use purrr::pluck() to get specific nested fields from piles of json data rather than blowing out the whole series of nested lists.

I was a little worried that either upstream bandwidth or firewall nonsense would make it hard to use the new Arc app with my home Roon setup. I’m super pleased to find it basically seamless in my case! After enabling it on my system and not touching a single network setting, I listened to a bunch of music from my Roon server while out running errands today. I had no buffering, dropouts or stuttering. Just music from my house playing in my car. Pretty cool.

I thought the first couple of episodes of Andor did a little too much table-setting at not quite enough speed. But episode three was sharp and exciting, and brought together a more complex story about occupation and resistance than any of the Star Wars films have really done before. I hope they keep it up.