Album cover for the Japandroids album Massey Fucking Hall.

Happy Friday. Listen to some fucking Japandroids.

My school district has released its plan for the coming year and it includes a set of options that still need so much discussion and development. And in a sign of how impoverished we are for civic infrastructure, the town hall to discuss this plan will be held on … Facebook.

A beer glass half full, next to a can reading Chateau Americana

I hear it’s happy hour. Or, if it wasn’t, well it is now. This is Chateau Americana, a Trappist style pale ale from one of my town’s many fine microbreweries, Wanderlust Brewing Co.

Orange ink samples on a notebook page, ranging from bright pure orange to mixes of orange-red and orange-brown.

Enjoying my coffee while finishing up some ink sampling. I love these oranges. I think the Noodler’s Habanero might be my favorite, but that Fuyu-gaki is lovely and vibrant.

A corner of a room with an orange chair and green plant crossed by a bright sunbeam

I love the way the light falls in this corner of the living room.

A cappuccino and a bourbon garnished with nectarine

Morning supply / evening supply

Quarantine achievement unlocked: home haircut ✂️

Barr’s corruption and venality are really something to behold. His disdain for the people, press, basically anything beyond his and the president’s interests is astonishing.

ponderosa pines with sun shining through them

Pine trees and sunrise 🌄

Coffee mug in my lap

Hammock, morning bird sounds, coffee. This is a nice way to start today.

Ordered coffee, prints, and pen supplies today. Scritched a cat and four dogs. Did some work and got to write some R code. Played some video game. Read with kiddo. Walked with H. Watched some Clone Wars.

Pretty good one, y’all.

Map showing a 14 mile bike route Trail leading away through ponderosa pine trees with low sun View through trees and meadow to a tall peak beyond

I had a nice ride on the bike first thing this morning. It was a cold start – 38ºF! – and beautiful early morning to be in the woods: Elk, a couple of rabbits, and lots of birds were out there starting their days, too. I hadn’t been up the steep Woody Mountain climb for a while! It’s still there; still steep.

This Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is an absolute mountain of games – tabletop, action, RPG, low-fi, indie and big-studios. All proceeds are split between the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fund. Give a lot.

photo of two stacked journals with dates written on the spine

By today I’m a handful of pages into no. 3. This is the longest I’ve carried on a journaling habit in my life, and I’m really happy to be writing a bit every day.

I’m going to say something inflammatory but I trust I’m among friends. I don’t think the Lord of the Rings films have aged very well. Part of that is just by comparison to the twenty years of film that have come since. Part of that is contextual: I’m just not very interested in watching men being moody right now; and a big part is that Jackson only allows about one and a half emotions per actor and just holds them there. It’s fatiguing.

Top-down photo of a cappuccino in an orange mug

Why, yes, I am having a third cappuccino today.

Think I’ll settle in for a solid Friday evening with a viewing of Cabin in the Woods. 🎥 🍷

After a long but tolerable hold, I had a perfectly pleasant and effective conversation with a helpful Verizon rep today. Just putting a little good energy out there, gang.

Look, I know it’s a fascinating miracle of logistics and interlocking institutions that I can mail-order gluten free flour at all, but at the same time I’m so puzzled that it has spent the last five days in the greater Phoenix metro area without getting any closer to my house.

Me, in chat: No, I’m not putting kkk into the shared doc we’re all looking at. I just forget that it doesn’t have vim keys. Again.

One month of no twitter reading (allowing occasional posting) has been the very best thing for my mental health. Recommended!

Screenshot of a sprinkler control app on a phone screen

About a year on, I’m super happy with this smart sprinkler controller. Being able to put plants in the ground, adjust sprinklers and then test them without running to the control box is amazing, and the smart scheduling seems to work pretty well.

I've long had a workflow in Alfred for adding things to my grocery list in Wunderlist. With Wunderlist being retired, I've switched a couple of shared-with-family lists to Todoist, and it's mostly okay; Todoist is much less of a good tool for just making lists, as it's oriented to projects  and lifestyle methodologies, but is good enough for what we need right now.

So I re-built my workflow in Alfred! All you need is a workflow that runs a bash script, and use the following for the code:

  curl \
  -d token=YOUR_TOKEN \
  -d commands="[{\"type\": \"item_add\", \"temp_id\": \"$(uuidgen)\", 
	    \"uuid\": \"$(uuidgen)\", \"args\": {\"content\": \"{query}\", \"project_id\": OPTIONAL}}]"

YOUR_TOKEN is found on the settings -> integrations page of your Todoist account. Specify a project ID if desired (I use the ID of my 'groceries' list as a default here). Otherwise omit the project argument. You can find the project ID by viewing the project in your browser; it will have a URL like, where the 123456789 is your project's ID.

Previous updates:


It's been a while since I did this, so here's another set of revised win/loss numbers and weapon stats for my Destiny 2 play. The final Iron Banner -- a week-long competitive PVP mode -- of the current season concluded last week, so I thought it was time to wrap up this edition of the perpetually-open fish shell and R Studio session and get on with making a picture of my data. 

Iron Banner holds a lot of fun, nostalgic memory for me from the first Destiny. It was one of the events that offered a chance at loads of high-powered loot that one could use to upgrade gear, and diving into it broke my reluctance to spend time playing in PVP game modes. The current incarnation of the game mode is not quite the same loot-fest, but it's still a game type that I generally have fun with, so I look forward to playing it when it comes around. It's also a nice discrete mode to use as a lens into my game data. Here's a big picture of my games since the launch of the last big expansion, Shadowkeep, last fall:

And the summary of all that data says that I perform pretty similarly across all three of my shooty space dolls, with the edge going to the Warlock. (Which surprises me, actually.)

class Outcome #Games Avg K/D

------ ------- ------ ------ Hunter Defeat 51 12.92 Hunter Victory 57 12.72 Titan Defeat 55 13.64 Titan Victory 58 14.41 Warlock Defeat 41 13.95 Warlock Victory 61 15.49 

This last completed Iron Banner was the first such event in a long time where a non-Erentil was anywhere close to my use of that precious voop-shooter; I had a really good time experimenting with a fun change-up in my loadout, which is probably a good finding, since Bungie will be sunsetting all my favorites in seasons to come. 

Tune in next time, when I might, finally, complete writing up the chain of tools that I use to make this data. If you made it this far and need a buddy in-game, I'm playing on Xbox and on PC these days; let's splode some aliens sometime from our respective quarantines.

Photo of a woodsy trail with sun shining through

I got out for a too-short bike ride this morning! It was short because my thin gloves were way too light for the 33° F temp at 5:30am. I only made it about a mile before turning around for home because I couldn’t feel my fingers (but at least they had stopped hurting!).