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Pretty Good Hat

Preparing to troll my team by visualizing time series data using a donut plot. This is going to be great.

A green field with mountains in the background, lit up by pink, smoky morning light  Hazy sunrise walk. We’ve been pretty heavily covered by wildfire smoke from the Beckwourth Complex fire for several days.

Yes, I did spend two hours debugging a thing today because I confused API_KEY and API_SECRET. Again. (But I learned a bit more about {httr} in the process, so it’s good.)

The “modern” twentieth wedding anniversary gift is platinum? WTF. What am I going to do with platinum. What, did the molybdenum lobby not put out a good enough bid? The most I’ve ever thought about platinum is for the puzzle in the dam loud room in Zork.

cappuccino in an orange mug I don’t know exactly what I did wrong in this pour, but I sort of love the effect. Looks like a guitar? Anyway it was pretty delicious, too.