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Pretty Good Hat

Two windows from the RStudio profvis tool, showing the times of several procesess. The second window shows the same process being completed dramatically more quickly than the first.

I used the RStudio tool profvis this weekend to find speed improvement opportunities in Armorer. I suspected that I could rewrite a big operation that calculates the maximum of many columns across several thousand rows. Holy smokes: Using matrixStats::rowMaxs cuts processing time by an amazing amount!

Screenshot of a web application showing two items selected from a form field. They are circled in bright purple marker with an arrow pointing to them to draw the eye.

I finished a big update to Armorer this week, to enable inclusion of subclass fragments in stat calculations. I learned a ton with this release and laid good groundwork for additional mod management. I’m pretty pleased!

Somewhere in south-central Utah, listening to this episode of Waypoint Radio, my wife said, “Hmm, Motorsport Manager sounds pretty neat.” She, who rarely plays video games at all, turns out to be an absolute star at it. (No surprise, of course; she is an extraordinary manager of many things.) We had a great time learning and playing it yesterday. What will happen to our ex-driver turned manager, Han Portlandia, and her scrappy young team? We’ll find out more today!

I’m happy to have improved some R code today using group_split, replacing my prior method of cycling through a data frame to build several new subsets. I’m not sure it’s more efficient given the size of the data set, but it sure reads more nicely.

A medium sized black dog lies in profile with her head tilted to look at something behind her. She is on an outdoor rug on a wooden deck with lawn and garden behind her.

Gunnison relaxes on the porch while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, like birds or squirrels.

On @FlagrantError’s pointer, I tried out Rectangle as an alternative to Amethyst. It’s not (currently) a true tiling window manager, but holy smokes it’s fantastic! I’m trying the Rectangle Pro features with the free ten-day trial and it’s a 100% certain purchase for me. It’s absolutely packed with smart mechanics for managing windows with keyboard shortcuts and/or a modifier + mouse combination. Repeated activations of a shortcut can cycle through multiple configurations. And there’s a brilliant feature to activate the “mouse throw” of a window using multitouch activation on a trackpad. I’m totally hooked on it.

Screenshot showing the synology interface identifying a failing hard drive that needs to be replaced

One of my Synology drives has been reporting errors for a little while. I’m glad I ordered replacement drives last night!

My photo library has made a sweet album for me titled “Pet Friends 2020.” Every single photo is of my neighbor’s cat. I have a dog.