🎮 My kiddo has watched me play a lot of Destiny 2 and this week we decided he was big enough to start up his own Guardians. I have to say it has been pretty fun and special to watch him start his Hunter, work through the first missions and then dive into playing with me.

A bottle of beer next to a tray of cheese

More from Thanksgiving: Pirate Bomb paired wonderfully with our cheese plate. 🍺🧀

Photo of roasted sweet potatoes

These smashed sweet potatoes with chile infused honey butter were more than a little life-changing, friends.

Just snapped a photo of a journal page from last Thanksgiving, saved it to a Day One entry so I could caption it, printed it, cut and taped it into my current journal as a Thanksgiving reflection for this year. So that’s what I’m up to tonight, apparently.

Photo of short rib tacos  An array of small vegetable dishes

I spent some days in Las Vegas this week for #data19, and had this great dinner at Best Friend. Now I know everybody knows the kogi tacos are amazing, but, friends, I had a dream about those cucumbers.

I knew tech bros are bad but have you ever heard bike bros shaming inexperienced riders in the coffee shop?

Photo of a sliced loaf of bread on a cutting board

I’ve been improving my gluten free pizza crust for a couple of years, and after adding way too much water to one batch I recently made an accidental focaccia. This was my first attempt at an intentional loaf of bread, and I’m so happy with how it came out!

Photo of dogs sleeping next to one another

Puppy buddies at the end of a great big busy day.

Photo of tables and morning sun in the window

Quiet coffee shop vibes this morning.

👍 Liked: - Flashing Palely in the Margins

I need a serenity prayer but for chaperoning a second field trip in a week.

Photo of a carpet of golden aspen leaves

Aspen season in Flagstaff.

Photo of a dog sleeping in a sunbeam on a treadmill.

Me: All right, time to get in some work and some miles at this sweet treadmill desk.

Dog: Hang on be right there.

Dog: snores

photo of a two dogs laying on a rug together

It has been one week since we adopted Nova, and she and Gunnison have become quite comfy together. We think she loves living with her new people, too.

Photo of a blue mug of espresso

New bag of Stumptown Hairbender this morning.

Photo of a white and brown dog with a red chew toy

Hello new human I have brought you this artifact.

Meanwhile, over at tilde club

Photo of a white and brown dog looking up with dark brown eyes

Nova says HI.

Went downtown for brunch. Came home with an Australian shepherd named Nova. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

🎮 And speaking of games, Destiny’s Shadowkeep expansion launches Tuesday, so this weekend I’ll mostly be playing Inventory Management to reduce my vault to a manageable size in anticipation of loads of new loot.

Just one more level of Grindstone, I’ve been telling myself all night.

🎮 Finished playing through the Gears 5 campaign this weekend. It was my first time playing any of the series, so I’m not sure what I expected. But I enjoyed the gameplay and thought the narrative bits, both dialog and found objects that describe the world, were pretty good.

photo of a paperclip twisted into the shape of a narwhal

In case anybody needs one, I accidentally made this narwhal out of a paperclip.

iPad, unattended in another room, just started playing music. When I pick it up it says it’s disabled and to wait 5 minutes before unlocking it. So that’s weird.

Screenshot of a workout summary: 57 minutes, 107% max heart rate, and 842 calories  Screenshot showing a heart rate plot with two high peaks near 190 bpm.

This morning’s 5am ride was a little bit of a suffer spin. I rarely hit 800+ cals, and was feeling every single one of them today. I try to carry that depth of focus and determination into my work day, but it’s a struggle.