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Pretty Good Hat

Feeling safe enough to spend some time indoors at my parents’ house, I’ve been able to complete some important things that have been long neglected, like software updates and turning off motion smoothing on their new TV.

Cappuccino beside a journal and pen on grey concrete Trees and pasture below high clouds, lit by pink sunrise light We have a small square of patio that’s a lovely spot to sit with coffee and a journal when the sun is coming up.

A man on a standing paddleboard, approaching a rocky turn in the water’s path I went for a really nice paddle with my dad at the reservoir about 20 minutes up the canyon, yesterday. I hadn’t been up there in … 25 years or more? It’s a beautiful gorge with some winding passages and cool water.

A pink and orange sunset beyond a dark green field Sunset was all right. After a week of smoky, hot weather that kept us mostly inside, yesterday a small storm blew through and our air quality improved wonderfully, for a cool and fresh sunset walk.

Preparing to troll my team by visualizing time series data using a donut plot. This is going to be great.

A green field with mountains in the background, lit up by pink, smoky morning light  Hazy sunrise walk. We’ve been pretty heavily covered by wildfire smoke from the Beckwourth Complex fire for several days.