Photo of a Negroni on ice.

There was some Negroni discussion earlier in the day, so I felt I should follow up with confirmation that my evening is turning out fine, thank you very much.

This is just to say I have thrown out the last of the cupcakes That someone left by the team printer Three or four days ago.

They were so dry And beginning to mold

Your mom doesn’t work here.

Photo of the board game Azul and a socket wrench set in a shipping box.

Good Amazon delivery today.

I’m just laughing so hard. I took a burst of photos of my son practicing a dive at his swim lesson today, and I can see the precise frame where he went from “lithe swan” to “giant airborne pretzel.”

My sleepy little hometown has this nonsensically great summer concert series now that I live ten hours away: Flaming Lips, Thievery Corp, Sylvan Esso and Chvrches all played a cozy downtown amphitheater there this year. What?!

My son just went cruising up the street on his bike, saying, “bye, Dad, I’ll be home by supper,” so I’m just going to sit quietly while being impossibly aged for a little while.

Then I guess I’ll make supper.

Photo of scattered clouds lit up with orange morning sunlight.

Good monsoon season sunrise today.

Someday I will meet the man who designed my refrigerator such that the water filter cannot be replaced without removing a shelf. I will tell him that I am not mad, I am disappointed. Deeply disappointed.

The apparent downside of having deep cleaned my espresso machine is my newfound understanding that all that old gunk was the only thing ensuring a tight seal of the portafilter against the gasket.

A photo of a handful of 1.5 inch hail in the palm of a hand.

So, it hailed pretty good at my house today.

Oh no. I just started thinking about changing my blog platform again. Somebody better enable and/or stop me.

I finished Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See tonight. It’s stunning. Lyrical, gripping, and heartbreaking. πŸ“š

What’s the word on the iOS 12 public beta, friends? Is it ready to run on my daytime phone?

Photo of a bridge spanning a canyon from foreground to background.

The old Bridge over Marble Canyon at Cameron, AZ.

👍 Liked: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

via @jrladd

A photo of an art Deco style high school with evening light and mountains behind.

My high school was built as a WPA project and remains this spectacular monument. (Despite taking the original marquee down and replacing it with a ridiculous electronic sign several years ago.)

Three small cups of sake on a wooden tray. The front one is cloudy white from unfiltered rice.  Photo of four "tuna corn" servings laid out on a piece of corn husk: red thin slices of tuna rolled around roasted corn.

Dinner date tonight included a nice sampler of interesting sake, and a dish of local corn with a spicy sauce wrapped in seared tuna. That tuna corn was outstanding.

Last time I went on vacation, I got all relaxed and thought, “sure, I can coach the soccer team.” This time I’m all relaxed and thinking, “maybe I’ll start up a tiny podcast here on my” πŸ‘€

A photo of the sun coming up over mountains, with some wildfire haze.

Morning at mom and dad’s place, northern Utah. We drove here yesterday for a few days of vacation.

A photo of a bottle of Granero Blanco from Wanderlust Brewing.

It’s after five, making today officially a twelve-hour work day. I’m going on vacation and having one of these.

Photo of three record sleeves standing beside a turntable: Achtung Baby, Led Zeppelin III and Moving Pictures.

I got some old favorites for my birthday.