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Pretty Good Hat

Screenshot displaying rows of armor items and their stat values

Screenshot showing a scatterplot of stat values for a selected armor configuration

I’ve had a nice afternoon working on my hobby R/Shiny project, a loadout finder for the game Destiny 2. These improvements make it a lot more flexible and informative: It can now optionally include armor that would otherwise be filtered out of configurations by the minimum stat threshold, and it will show current mods used in displayed loadouts.

ArmoreR: A Destiny 2 Loadout Finder

I’m sure it poses some benefits for systematic parsing (and I’m certainly much more comfortable working in R and markdown, for what it’s worth) but Jupyter’s reliance on json for its file format seems like a big disadvantage for readability and portability.

Any friends have firsthand experience comparing the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse? I’d like to get some gestures back now that I’m using a Mac for work at my desk.

A sky silhouetted by dark pine trees, with a sliver of moon and a bright planet near it. The horizon shows a bit of orange sunrise.

I caught this sliver of moon and – I think – Saturn one early morning recently. Today we’re dusted in an inch of springtime snow.

A photo of a scone covered in butter on a plate

Every time I see a “workers need to be back in the office” take, I’m going to reply with this photo of a fresh homemade scone covered in homemade clotted cream, sitting beside my keyboard while I work in the morning sunlight streaming through my window.

I: Spend days carefully curating config files, reinstalling homebrew and trying variations of arm and x86 binaries

RStudio: Do you even ODBC, bro?

I: Just profanely put the path to the driver in the dbConnect call, disregarding all documentation and common sense.

RStudio: Yah here’s your SQL Server.

Severance has some amazing Oldest House vibes going on. I’m eagerly awaiting the appearance of Hiss.

Dearest Ada, it has been two days since I began editing odbcinst.ini, and still SQL Server repels me. Tomorrow, we will sudo brew reinstall FreeTDS. With our persistence, someday, odbc::odbcListDrivers() shall yield results and I will be at peace.

/wistful violins