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Pretty Good Hat

Wondering if there’s still time to get really into, like, tmux before going back to work.

An image of an email containing several thumbnails of Destiny 2 game videos.

My personal OneDrive account is connected to my Xbox, and for years and years the only thing in it was game clips and screenshots. So once in a while I get an “on this date last year” sort of email from Microsoft, and it’s always full of nothing but Destiny 2 clips, mostly PVP and mostly Iron Banner. (Some of them are bangers! Every once in a while I’m good at this game.)

In other blog news, I’ve swapped in webmention support for links from Mastodon, at least partially. Reposts aren’t quite displayed as I’d like, but likes and replies should be working. I had to remember/rediscover a couple of bits of blog plumbing, which makes me sort of want to revise my whole setup here. BUT. I don’t think I’ll go quite that far.

I really like all the stuff on Robb Knight’s website, and The Web is Fantastic is a super example of why. In this slow span of days before New Year’s I love having a list of inspiring Things To Do On the Web.

Screenshot from Against the Storm, showing a crowded village center. There is a cozy hearth surrounded by shelter buildings and a large red warehouse building tucked tightly within a forest.

There’s a whole meta campaign layer to Against the Storm, but I’m pretty perfectly content to just make little villages where my lizards can bake pies and cozy up by the fire.

I wanted to make a QR code to go along with a gift card I’m giving to someone. The search space for how to do that is a wasteland of SEO and sketchy generators, but – turns out – there’s a MacOS/iOS shortcut already available in the Shortcuts gallery. HOWEVER: Searching for just “QR” doesn’t find it; search for “QR code” instead, and you’re good to go.