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Pretty Good Hat

I played a whole bunch of Inscryption, today. It’s pretty brilliant! It unfolds in really surprising ways and I had some of the same “oh!” moments figuring out successful mechanics as I had discovering things in Outer Wilds. What a fantastically crafted game.

Good morning. Ahem: Soft pretzels! Pizza rolls! Bagels, baguettes and brioche! Rye! Cranberry walnut! Stoneground wheat! Cross buns and ciabatta! Get ‘em here! Thank you for coming to my breads hawk.

screenshot showing the QMK configuration of a keyboard layer, with the RESET command highlighted The hardware flash mode on the Q1 requires removing the space bar and pushing a tiny button while plugging in the keyboard. But you can program a key to do this instead. This is a massive improvement! Fiddling/Learning QMK would be terribly cumbersome otherwise.

The great part about running a static blog with Hugo is remembering how all the partials and templates and stuff work, after only minimal hunting and finding in the terminal. That done, I’m enjoying making a few small updates and doing some cleaning this Saturday afternoon.