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Pretty Good Hat

Yes, I did spend two hours debugging a thing today because I confused API_KEY and API_SECRET. Again. (But I learned a bit more about {httr} in the process, so it’s good.)

The “modern” twentieth wedding anniversary gift is platinum? WTF. What am I going to do with platinum. What, did the molybdenum lobby not put out a good enough bid? The most I’ve ever thought about platinum is for the puzzle in the dam loud room in Zork.

cappuccino in an orange mug I don’t know exactly what I did wrong in this pour, but I sort of love the effect. Looks like a guitar? Anyway it was pretty delicious, too.

We’ve been watching a lot of The Great Pottery Throwdown, and I’ve decided I want to get an apron for work. “Time to go sit at the data table. Better put on my apron. Could get messy.” Maybe get some for the whole team.

Had a great time hanging out, learning, and getting inspired by things at #csvconf the last couple of days. Go 🦙!

Any users who are into the nb bookmarking/note taking tool? I recently started to experiment with it and am wondering if there is some good blogging/write ups out there about it. It’s pretty cool.

A top down view of a cappuccino in a bright orange mug Haven’t posted a coffee photo for a while, so here you go. The pour was perhaps a little messy, but this one tasted quite lovely.

For the record, vaccine dose #2 is absolutely kicking my ass today, but I am so happy to have it on board!