Photo of a cutting board with tomatoes, basil, spaghetti and a box of calamari Photo of a bowl of spaghetti with tomatoes and calamari

Friends, I know my wife loves me in part because she doesn’t like fishy things yet she bought me these fancy tins of calamari and sardines anyway. Tonight she went on a Business Dinner and I went on a date with spaghetti with pomodoro e calamari. I’m in my pasta happy place.

Currently: wagging my finger at web sites that embed podcast players such that Huffduffer can’t find the audio file.

Photo of a dark-colored cocktail

Friday evening Manhattan 👍

Geotag Photos Pro

I gave Geotag Photos Pro a trial last weekend and it did a great job storing geolocation info on a photo walk around my downtown. The desktop app worked perfectly to sync that data with the photos I took. This is a nice solution to geotagging pics from the ‘big’ camera.

Do you mean you’re looking to move away from Instagram and post directly to m.b? Since you’re using the m.b. hosted blog I think that sunlit should do exactly what you want without any fuss. I use quill for this, but have been meaning to try Sunlit again, myself.

Photo of the wires and pipes inside an espresso machine

I took apart my espresso machine yesterday to troubleshoot the solenoid and pump. That was a good puzzle! Especially the solenoid, which is nestled intricately beneath several other parts. After cleaning and reassembling, it seems to be working once again, for now.

(This is a test reply using monocle.)

Photo of an album on turntable, with cover behind it showing big Spider Man eyes

New vinyl Friday!

Photo of an AeroPress box

My espresso machine broke down today (solenoid that I think I can replace) so I got myself a backup plan and have been reading up on AeroPress recipes.

Good night I’m going to be so insufferable as AeroPress Guy.

Oh, dear, they just said suh-GWAR-oh on this NPR story about Arivaca, AZ.

I bragged the other day about my rock-based repair of my sprinkler controller, so it should surprise nobody that I have spent most of my day replacing the thing after it failed entirely and refused to respond to any sort of geology-oriented solutions.

Fuji X Weekly

Nice photo blog focused on Fuji X cameras, with a bunch of custom film modes to experiment with. Imagine my surprise to start scrolling through and see photos of my old hometown!

Circuit board with wires and a rock stuffed behind it.

Fig 1: The circuit board in my sprinkler control box with its sophisticated “cram rock behind it” repair technique.

I’d like to say this is a temporary fix, but I stuffed the rock in there a year ago.

📚Finished The Stars are Legion. It’s a wild, inventive story of warring factions of women aboard giant living spaceship-worlds, weird organic everything (including monsters and cephalopod cannons), and an intriguing plot.

Photo of a black and white dog with big sweet eyes

She possesses the very definition of puppy dog eyes.

📚Finished Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches by John Hodgman yesterday. A fun set of essays on being an adult and figuring out grown-up friendships. Hodgman balances these with touching, insightful passages about grief and learning to say goodbye on the early passing of his mother.

📚Finished The Changeling by Victor LaVelle. Compelling (maybe a little long) read mixing family legacy, race, social media and … monsters.

Me: Ah, springtime! I’m gonna make pizza on the grill.

Sharp edge the grill: Nah bruh, you’re gonna get your tetanus booster tonight!

Photo of espresso pouring into an orange cup.

Coffee time.

I’m experimenting with actually posting some things to Flickr again. Scrolling back through many years of history there is really a trip.

Photo of the Extra Life album cover and turntable arm on the album.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Darlingside in concert. Since then I’ve picked up a couple of their albums and they’re just great. Not only is the music wonderful, but the Extra Life vinyl itself is just strikingly gorgeous.

📚 The Newcomer by Keigo Higashino. This is an intricate mystery, and while it makes me interested in the detective at its core it doesn’t really tell me much about him (beyond his brilliant detective-ing), and it reads sort of distant.

📚Finished reading Severance by Ling Ma this week. It was a fascinating and specifically observed story about isolation, routine and consumption. Also a mournful and very different take on zombies.

Photo of a black box labeled “Fujifilm”

What’s in the box?

Photo of a bright orange and pink sunrise

Springtime sunrise in the gym parking lot makes a pretty good start to my day.