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Pretty Good Hat

I’m not sure my upstream internet speed will allow me to use it effectively, but I’m enthused all the same for the announcement of Roon Arc – a mobile client for your home Roon library that integrates streaming services and enables download for fully offline listening. Pretty cool!

I’ve been shooting all jpg for several years now, including on my Fuji, but the camera on this iPhone 14 has me thinking of trying out raw again. Wow.

I did decide that this is the year to replace my iPhone X, and I’m excited about that. But five years of small nicks in the bezel and a bunch of scratches on the glass (mostly near the edges and none so bad to worry about after my initial horror) make this one feel well-used and familiar in all the right ways. It’s less like an old hammer and more like a favorite pair of work gloves that have been so many places and done so many things with me.

I learned today that one of the magical things pandoc can do under the hood for Quarto is use a Powerpoint template to render slides. I can work in RStudio to make slides in my company’s style; this is amazing!

(Footnote: This assumes a template that uses at least some standard powerpoint slide notation, which my company’s official templates do … not quite do. But a little bit of revision of the slide master got me there!)

A gloved hands holds a small bulb. The interior of a car wheel well is in the background.

I replaced headlight bulbs on the car yesterday. Compared to prior cars I’ve had it was a pretty good project: Required removing the wheel well cover and reaching into the back of the hard-to-see light assembly. Got it done!

A small orange coffee cup sits in a yellow metal patio table, beside a notebook and silver pen. The dawn light is gray due to clouds.

My morning routine of coffee and journaling on the front porch is pushed back a bit day by day as sunrise comes later and later. It rained a bit overnight and it’s lovely, cool and damp this particular morning.

Got nginx running on my MacBook today, as part of building some working-with-APIs-infrastructure for a small tutorial I want to write on working with oauth in Shiny. Good step!

Yesterday’s “on this day” links from my now page surfaced an old post I wrote on the twentieth anniversary of the first Microsoft home page. It’s a shame that Microsoft’s own pages marking that milestone are no longer available on their own servers. But they’re on the internet archive!

I’ve been on vacation and the last few days in particular really felt like River Time. What day is it? Doesn’t matter. Time stretches out and compresses at the same time, and every day feels like Sunday, somehow. Well, today really is Sunday and tomorrow I head back to work, so it’s time to start resetting my head space.