Saw a ribbon of Milky Way above the house in the way to early spin ride this morning. Thumbs up on today, Galaxy.

A year after completing our kitchen remodel, there are two things that utterly delight me every single day: The touch-activated water faucet and the slide-out trash/recycle bin rack. 💫 Everything else is great; but these two small things are transformatively happy-making.

Photo of car stereo display; The Spirit of Radio by Rush is playing.

Pretty sure I can’t get out of the car and go into the office yet if this song just came up in the shuffle. It’s a bylaw?

John Prine is such a treasure. This is a sweet portrait to mark the release (finally) of his new album.

From “Go North, Young Woman,” by Sarah Gilman:

Mountain ranges, then more mountain ranges, and then the Spatsizi uncoiled below us like a rope thrown across the valley floor. Aprons of rust-colored scree descended from high ridges to oxbows that looped around pocket lakes. Our landing on one of them was so smooth that I barely registered touching down until I saw spray jetting past my window. Standing on the gravel beach next to a fresh pile of bear scat, we watched the floatplane rise again, drag its reflection into the trees, vanish. We were alone in the middle of nowhere, alone in the middle of everywhere. Then, we were in the water, swimming our first loaded canoe to the portage that would put us on the 135-mile stretch of river we’d waited so long to paddle. That night, as I climbed into my tent on our first beach camp, mayflies glittered in my headlamp beam like animate stars. They reminded me of the constellation of bruises on my shins. They pointed the way.

This is a wonderful piece of writing. It makes me dearly miss the friends I used to adventure with, and the time and places where we once went.

Half eaten plate of huevos rancheros with a cup of coffee.

And STOP. Huevos time.

“Dad, can I stay up a little late if we go out and look at the stars together?”

Hoo this kid knows my buttons. 🌌

Dog snuggling, eyes closed, against my leg on the porch Selfie of the dog and me. She has black fur and a long snout and I have glasses, brown hair, and AirPods in.

Today’s puppy mood: Sunshine snuggle on the porch before work.

Beer in a glass and bottle, on a porch with trees and sun in the background.

I realize a lot of you are having Second Winter right now, so just let me know if you want me to think of you as I sit on my porch with a local brew after work. No charge.

Black and white puppy with tennis ball, in profile.

Today’s puppy mood: portrait mode.

👍 Liked: A MetaWeblog to Micropub Gateway

that ‘guys yelling at each other’ meme, this time about how a proper Manhattan is always with rye, up, and in a cocktail glass.

I just mandolined a pound of brussels sprouts and still have all my fingertips AMA.

Watched Coco last night. It was beautiful and I didn’t cry even a litt–that was a lie and I apologize. I was a weepy puddle.

Grey-blue clouds and a bit of yellow/pink sunrise in the distance.

Lovely sunrise view as I left for the gym early this morning.

Black lab-like pup with tennis ball on the lawn.

Today’s puppy mood: whosagoodgirl?

This note by @manton reminded me that I’ve been meaning to update my media endpoint to remove location data: for iOS now strips the location and other metadata from photos before uploading too. It’s easy to overlook but really important.

Now, so does my micropub posting flow!

My son sent me on an Easter egg hunt that ended with a leaf on which he had written I LOVE YOU, so my day is pretty good.

Black and white photo of a coffee cup and small camera.

Brought the little Fuji along for breakfast this morning!

Heart rate plot showing a hard workout (lots of high heart rate percent numbers).

Got this Friday started right, with a really good spin session. Now: eating all the breakfasts.

Watching TV 📺! I have mixed-at-best feelings about Dan Simmons’ novel The Terror, but I’m mostly impressed with the TV adaptation. It’s utterly suffused with dread and has some striking visuals and strong performances, so far. Anybody else checking it out?

Spacemacs and org are not behaving on this new work laptop. I’m going to need patience and more ☕️.