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Pretty Good Hat

A Peloton share card showing Christine D’Ercole smiling, forelight on a dark background. The ride is titled Power Zone Endurance Ride, dated Sept 17, 2023, and was 60 minutes. A heart rate graph at the bottom shows that most of the ride was in HR zone 3.

Really great ride this morning to start my Sunday. It’s a busy week: I’m remotely attending Posit::conf in addition to the pile of regular things going on, and I’m enjoying watching enthusiastic attendees join the conference discord and say hello.

Figure I’ll get Ventura installed today. I think I’ve been holding off – for nearly a year – because I’ve been concerned it would break something in brew.

I chanced across this old post about how my kid played Breath of the Wild, recently. Well, they’re keeping up that style: they started playing Elden Ring last week, and beat the game today. One week! I’m months into that game and nowhere near finishing it. All this, after starting Tears of the Kingdom weeks after I did, totally bogarting my Switch and beating the game after profoundly breaking all its mechanics to their will.

A Peloton ride share image, showing Matt Wilpers fist-pumping. It is a power zone endurance ride, 45 minutes long, and shows most of the time I was in the yellow heart rate zone (zone 3).

I haven’t posted one of these for a while. I enjoyed this morning’s indoor ride. It’s nice to be back on the “good” bike after being away for much of the summer.

A ridge is backlit by late evening light, and whips yellow and orange clouds sit above it. In the foreground is a shadowed field of cut alfalfa.

We had another nice Ogden valley sunset, last night. It’s been hot here, and back in Flagstaff, too, but monsoon rains are forecast to cool down both of these hometowns this week.

A visualization of a Peloton ride with instructor Emma Lovewell. It’s a 30 minute new tracks ride in which I spent most time in heart rate zone 3.

I haven’t done a proper bike-bike ride for a while so I made sure to get one in while I’m home this week. I’m practicing not blowing up to my high HR zones quite as quickly as I tend to – not too bad on this one.

I’ve been spending some time up in Utah, and I had forgotten how much bigger the 24th of July holiday here is than the 4th of July. While Independence Day is certainly a big holiday, the weekend of the 24th – “Pioneer Days” – is absolutely massive.