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Pretty Good Hat

Photo of a TV screen showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar and smiling 🎵 Josh Ritter performed another Silo Show from his home on Saturday. He likened our quarantines to sitting at so many small, lonely campfires in the dark, and that with these performances we get to, for a while, sit together at one fire. It was a beautiful, moving sentiment.

Spent a good chunk of the day learning how to make a Shiny app out of my Destiny Armor Profiling Thing. That was fun and my brain is also broken.🎮

There’s a direct line from his cheering on of a mob running his opponent’s bus off a highway, to multiple people on my street telling me they are afraid to put up a campaign sign among their MAGA-flag neighbors.

🎮 Speaking of Destiny, a note out to my micro.friends gamers: The upcoming expansion will be free for XBox with Game Pass, so if any folks new to the game are interested in checking it out, I’m happy to team up and show you some ropes! (I’m actually playing primarily on PC/Steam, so equally happy to meet up there.)

Alan Plays Destiny - Season 11

This was an extra-long season of the game due to delays in the launch of the next significant expansion, Beyond Light. That length worked well for me because I bounced out of the game for a while this summer and fall and enjoyed some other games and pastimes from my mostly-quarantined home. (The seasonal experiment has been at times a lot of fun and often really frustrating, because it created a game loop that was often too much of a grind.

Reaching the point in my Friday afternoon where I just said “screw it I’m going to write this in excel.”

Furnace is on. That’s not just a metaphor, it’s gonna be like 18°F tonight.

My dishwasher has a timer delay of up to 24 hours. Who has two sets of dishes and a spare dishwasher? I’m going to eat again tomorrow. Is my dishwasher made for those intermittent fasting bros who can’t stop telling me about how they’re fasting today?