Black and white photo of an espresso shot pouring into a cup

Getting ready to oppose the afternoon dwindles.

#mbfeb 18! 📷

Album cover: photo of Josh Ritter with a guitar; and the lyrics to the song Kathleen: 'every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied.'

Hello Starling was the first Josh Ritter album I heard. So many years on, it’s still a treasure of an album with a captivating live set at the end. “Kathleen” is a full-on anthem that I’m lucky enough to have seen live a few times, myself.

White steel tumbler on an icy car roof with sunrise behind it

Coffee mug ready to go on a cool morning.

#mbfeb 17! 📷

Overhead view of a black dog squeezed onto an orange chair with a big pillow

The pillow cramps her style a bit, but there’s still room for a good puppy rest.

#mbfeb 16! 📷

A bag of Cartel decaf and Intelligentsia espresso side by side

All things in balance.

#mbfeb 15!

Nighttime dashboard showing Best of the Best of Times by Darlingside playing on the stereo

We enjoyed a date night while kiddo spent some time at the taekwondo studio. Arriving a little early to pick him up, we relaxed in the warmth of music and conversation.

#mbfeb 14! 📷 💕

Photo of the San Francisco peaks from a curving highway

After all these years it’s still a joy to see these mountains rise from the plateau.

#mbfeb 13!

If Mando is short for Mandalorian, has Lando been short for Land O Lakes Man all this time?

Photo of a black dog laying in front of a closed door

Attachment — waiting for her people to come home

#mbfeb 12!

 the Eraserland album cover: a long haired man in black sitting in a blue room

Really enjoying this album at perhaps slightly greater than reasonable volume while I work at home this afternoon.

(Eraserland by Strand of Oaks)


A terra cotta colored wall with pink stripes and a sharp black shadow across it

In the right light, this wall is anything but plain.

#mbfeb 11

A train car passing by a crossing, surrounded by signs and graffiti

All kinds of signs

#mbfeb 10

A bright orange mug in front of an espresso machine, portafilter, and milk pitcher

Midday lull at the espresso machine

#mbfeb no. 9

Photo of a keyboard backlit with purple, with several bright orange key caps



My wife asked me tonight if my Steam ID is a Spinal Tap reference, and I’ve never been more proud of somebody in my life.

Looking straight up at brick building tops and power lines



Cappuccino at a table with a notebook

Fresh coffee before I plant myself here for the afternoon’s work. Feb photo #6!

Wintery highway receding toward a wall of white clouds

Behind that big cloud bank hide the 12,000ft San Francisco Peaks. 📷 February photo challenge #5!

I figure, a dad can have a little music. As a treat. ⤴️

Oh dear. I’ve accidentally spent the last two nights searching for a new stereo amplifier. 📻

Photo of a black dog lying in the sun beside a sofa

Any sunbeam is her favorite spot. 📷

( Feb photo challenge #4)

Trees with sunrise light reflected in a windshield

Reflect February photo challenge #3 📷

Photo of sunrise over an empty parking lot

Sunrise at the gym is a familiar and favorite sight.

February photoblog challenge #2! 📷

Cappuccino in an orange cup, beside a stack of a Kindle, notebook, and paperback


I used for the first time today, to import a playlist from Spotify to Qobuz. It worked beautifully and is a really impressive tool.