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It's been a while since I did this, so here's another set of revised win/loss numbers and weapon stats for my Destiny 2 play. The final Iron Banner -- a week-long competitive PVP mode -- of the current season concluded last week, so I thought it was time to wrap up this edition of the perpetually-open fish shell and R Studio session and get on with making a picture of my data. 

Iron Banner holds a lot of fun, nostalgic memory for me from the first Destiny. It was one of the events that offered a chance at loads of high-powered loot that one could use to upgrade gear, and diving into it broke my reluctance to spend time playing in PVP game modes. The current incarnation of the game mode is not quite the same loot-fest, but it's still a game type that I generally have fun with, so I look forward to playing it when it comes around. It's also a nice discrete mode to use as a lens into my game data. Here's a big picture of my games since the launch of the last big expansion, Shadowkeep, last fall:

And the summary of all that data says that I perform pretty similarly across all three of my shooty space dolls, with the edge going to the Warlock. (Which surprises me, actually.)

class Outcome #Games Avg K/D

------ ------- ------ ------ Hunter Defeat 51 12.92 Hunter Victory 57 12.72 Titan Defeat 55 13.64 Titan Victory 58 14.41 Warlock Defeat 41 13.95 Warlock Victory 61 15.49 

This last completed Iron Banner was the first such event in a long time where a non-Erentil was anywhere close to my use of that precious voop-shooter; I had a really good time experimenting with a fun change-up in my loadout, which is probably a good finding, since Bungie will be sunsetting all my favorites in seasons to come. 

Tune in next time, when I might, finally, complete writing up the chain of tools that I use to make this data. If you made it this far and need a buddy in-game, I'm playing on Xbox and on PC these days; let's splode some aliens sometime from our respective quarantines.

Photo of a woodsy trail with sun shining through

I got out for a too-short bike ride this morning! It was short because my thin gloves were way too light for the 33° F temp at 5:30am. I only made it about a mile before turning around for home because I couldn’t feel my fingers (but at least they had stopped hurting!).

Using for a few weeks shows me just how often my TV is trying (and failing, now!) to call home.

Oh dear. This Todoist package for org-mode actually works quite nicely.

Photo of an iPad on a wooden counter, showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar

My view of Josh Ritter’s Silo Session tonight: a full performance of So Runs the World Away in its 10th anniversary! ❤️ 🎶

I made a thing in Tableau, and then figured I should validate some specifics with R… and… it matched. So I should probably quit for the day, because honestly it’s not going to get better from here. (Also allowing that I’m precisely and equally bad at both, to be clear.)

A bag of whole coffee beans with a bright orange label from Cartel Coffee Lab.

New coffee bag Friday! cc @CartelCoffeeLab

Screenshot of cover art for Waxahatchee’s album Saint Cloud Cover art and lyrics for Micah Schnabel’s song Death Defying Feats

I’ve been making time to listen to music before bed lately. The new album from Waxahatchee is so brilliant. And Frank Turner turned me on to Micah Schnabel a few weeks ago. His writing and singing is urgent, cutting and moving.

I missed the live broadcast last night because of My Work, so watching Josh Ritter’s latest Silo Session with lunch is a real treat. It has been special to “gather” with family dispersed far away and share these performances the past few weeks.

Photo collage of a cappuccino and pine trees against the blue sky

The view from this morning’s coffee in the backyard.

Photo of an orange door with an opaque window and crossed by diagonal shadows

Shadows on the front door

Stayed off Twitter all day yesterday and it was good for my mental health. Might do it again today.

Photo of a small patio, pine tree and house beyond, with a sketch of the same view below jt.

Coffee on the patio, the view from where I sit.

Looks like it’s that time again, Sprinkler Repair Season.

I am 100% having a beer and playing video games in the background of my son’s zoom taekwondo class, yes, and I feel no shame.

black and white photo of a black dog, laying down and looking up with big white eyes


I got to be the “you’re one of the lucky 10,000” guy to at least two coworkers today, but about John Prine instead of Mentos.

Two more thoughts:

My wife and I got all dressed up to go see John Prine in concert when we were in grad school. It was a beautiful Saturday night in Tucson. The show was on Friday. I think he would have thought that was pretty funny.

And, this road trip story is wonderful, one of my very favorite things:


Image of the album cover for Great Days, a young John Prine leaning against a wall

I vividly remember riding in the front passenger seat of a VW Rabbit, on the way up the steep road to Powder Mountain with my dad, listening to a tape of John Prine. I was probably nine. It may be the first memory I have of really paying attention to music. (It was certainly the first time my dad explained marijuana to me, when I asked what Illegal Smile meant! Later I would read the liner notes for his wonderful anthology “Great Days,” where Prine asserts that the song was never about drugs, but it became such a beloved pot smoker anthem that he didn’t have the heart to break it to them.)

There’s so much more to say and remember and listen to. For tonight: His music has been a part of my life for as long as I can recall and I’m sad that he’s gone. Peace.

Photo of a coffee in a blue cup, apple slices and brown sunflower butter

Afternoon snack time.

My new evening rule is to hard-quit Twitter at dinnertime. All the horror, anger, anxiety & forethought of grief will still be there tomorrow, but I’m better for not spinning in it all night.

Hang in there, John Prine.

Y’all know I’m pretty humble. But there should be a FIELDS MEDAL for the way I just fit all that stuff in the dishwasher.

Photo of a creamy soup topped with kale and roasted-browned cauliflower.

Shoutouts to this pumpkin + cauliflower + kale soup we whipped up last night.

The values_fn jobber in pivot_wider is so great!

Today’s great discovery is stringr::str_extract with a nice regular expression.