Black dog rolled in her back on a rug, with ears all floppy.

This morning’s dog mood: whatever this is.

Photo of an old pair of La Sportiva climbing shoes, faded blue with yellow laces.

These shoes went on a lot of adventures with me for a lot of years. I recently pulled them out of a box in the garage to take to the rock gym with my son and found that, wow, they do not fit any more! If my kiddo decides to keep climbing, itโ€™s going to be time for a new pair.

Espresso in a clear cup on a countertop.

Well, good afternoon, Afternoon Espresso!

Photo of an All Black LAMY Safari on an open dotted notebook.

Okay, Pen Friends, I have a second pen now.

Happy to wake up pleasantly sore after a challenging and hard workout yesterday. I’m still somewhat haunted by several shoulder injuries over the years, and wow it feels good to get stronger and feel confident again.

Good job, autocorrect, turning โ€œI thinkโ€ into โ€œI have kink.โ€ Really paying dividends from machine learning now!

Photo of a black dog running inside during a snowstorm.

Today’s dog mood: nope-ing right out of this May snowstorm.

Top down photo of a cappuccino in an orange cup, with a light heart poured in the center.

Today’s coffee mood: a little love.

I see my arch conservative neighbor is featured in the paper as opposing the teacher walkout. Well of course he does; he’s the arch conservative neighbor, but the article doesn’t mention that, instead only empathizing with his frustration that “it’s political.”

Overhead photo of eggs, potatoes and hot sauce, with coffee and a notebook nearby.

Saturday breakfast! Out on the town early with the kiddo: Splatoon for him and journaling and the hash bowl for me to start our day. The coffee shop is playing Talking Heads and Velvet Underground this morning. ๐Ÿ‘.

Just spattered fish sauce all over my Moleskine, how’s your morning?

Cappuccino in an orange cup on a speckled gray counter.

Attn coffee friends: I have made myself another coffee.

Screenshot of an activity achievement for doubling my move goal five times in a month.

Take that, April.

View of a street and trailhead in the morning, with lots of ponderosa pines.

Morning on my street is good.

👍 Liked: About something interesting

โ€œan api endpoint dice thingโ€ by @eli. Super cool.

Black dog sitting on a staircase.

Today’s puppy mood: alert but relaxed.

Steak and avocado tacos.


Sunrise with pink light on clouds over the San Francisco Peaks

Sunrise on the way to morning spin was pretty excellent.

Saw a ribbon of Milky Way above the house in the way to early spin ride this morning. Thumbs up on today, Galaxy.

A year after completing our kitchen remodel, there are two things that utterly delight me every single day: The touch-activated water faucet and the slide-out trash/recycle bin rack. ๐Ÿ’ซ Everything else is great; but these two small things are transformatively happy-making.

Photo of car stereo display; The Spirit of Radio by Rush is playing.

Pretty sure I can’t get out of the car and go into the office yet if this song just came up in the shuffle. It’s a bylaw?

John Prine is such a treasure. This is a sweet portrait to mark the release (finally) of his new album.

From “Go North, Young Woman,” by Sarah Gilman:

Mountain ranges, then more mountain ranges, and then the Spatsizi uncoiled below us like a rope thrown across the valley floor. Aprons of rust-colored scree descended from high ridges to oxbows that looped around pocket lakes. Our landing on one of them was so smooth that I barely registered touching down until I saw spray jetting past my window. Standing on the gravel beach next to a fresh pile of bear scat, we watched the floatplane rise again, drag its reflection into the trees, vanish. We were alone in the middle of nowhere, alone in the middle of everywhere. Then, we were in the water, swimming our first loaded canoe to the portage that would put us on the 135-mile stretch of river weโ€™d waited so long to paddle. That night, as I climbed into my tent on our first beach camp, mayflies glittered in my headlamp beam like animate stars. They reminded me of the constellation of bruises on my shins. They pointed the way.

This is a wonderful piece of writing. It makes me dearly miss the friends I used to adventure with, and the time and places where we once went.

Half eaten plate of huevos rancheros with a cup of coffee.

And STOP. Huevos time.

“Dad, can I stay up a little late if we go out and look at the stars together?”

Hoo this kid knows my buttons. ๐ŸŒŒ