A blue and black Shimano bicycling shoe on a wooden bench

Wednesday 5am spin is one of my most important escape valves.

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Today I learned about forcats::fct_reorder. It was a good day.

A black dog leaping a tall white snowbank

Throwback Tuesday: Happy puppy hurdles the wall after after last February’s record snow.

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Photo of the two vinyl records in sleeves and the Darlingside 'Birds Say' album cover.

I really love this (double) album.

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👍 Liked: mouse-reeve/fedireads

Decentralized social reading and reviewing: a federated alternative to Goodreads!

Photo of a brick station building with steep roof, and a sign reading One East Route 66

Walking past the train station, downtown.

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Anyone have a recommended best-of list for Clone Wars? I feel like I need a refresher before I start the new season.

What’s the German for constantly worrying you are confusing Strand of Oaks with Band of Horses?

A dot plot showing win and loss performance over time, with my Titan having a slightly better performance A plot of Destiny weapon usage showing the Erentil fusion rifle being my far and away favorite

I’ve been meaning to post an update to my Destiny Stats for a good long time. While I have a long methods post sort of drafted (and have dramatically improved the way I produce this information), I thought I’d share these stats from the Iron Banner events through the Shadowkeep expansion: A plot of my win-loss and score by class, and a visual of total weapon usage. The latter clearly shows that I have a pretty serious fusion rifle problem.

I just finished up the newest Iron Banner event today. I haven’t played much Destiny the past month or so, but got back into it with this week’s event and had a lot of fun.

One of the things that continues to be neat about keeping these records is that the picture, once I finally build it, does tell a story. There’s the Erentil story, obviously (that fusion is so good), but also the numbers for Beloved and Imperative each represent time earning pinnacle in-game weapons, for example. I really like the reminders of the times that I enjoy playing this game that live behind these numbers.

Photo of shadows cutting across the depths of the Grand Canyon, lit with pink and orange sunset light.

There is no spectacle quite like sunset at the Grand Canyon.

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Photo of a book cover and bookmark

Just started A People’s Future of the United States so haven’t made much progress yes.

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Photo of an orange sunset rippled with low clouds

Lotta space up there in the sky this evening. edit I think I accidentally re-used yesterday’s prompt! I’ll relabel this one “Sunset, earth for scale.”

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Amazon: would you like to do a good thing and wait to combine this order into one shipment?

Me: sure, I don’t really need those stereo speakers and fruit roll-ups until Friday, anyway.

UPS: your Amazon package has been delivered!

USPS: your Amazon package has been delivered!

Black and white image of an unassuming brick building

Who knew this out of the way space holds a quite good little coffee shop?

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Black and white photo of an espresso shot pouring into a cup

Getting ready to oppose the afternoon dwindles.

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Album cover: photo of Josh Ritter with a guitar; and the lyrics to the song Kathleen: 'every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied.'

Hello Starling was the first Josh Ritter album I heard. So many years on, it’s still a treasure of an album with a captivating live set at the end. “Kathleen” is a full-on anthem that I’m lucky enough to have seen live a few times, myself.

White steel tumbler on an icy car roof with sunrise behind it

Coffee mug ready to go on a cool morning.

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Overhead view of a black dog squeezed onto an orange chair with a big pillow

The pillow cramps her style a bit, but there’s still room for a good puppy rest.

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A bag of Cartel decaf and Intelligentsia espresso side by side

All things in balance.

#mbfeb 15!

Nighttime dashboard showing Best of the Best of Times by Darlingside playing on the stereo

We enjoyed a date night while kiddo spent some time at the taekwondo studio. Arriving a little early to pick him up, we relaxed in the warmth of music and conversation.

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Photo of the San Francisco peaks from a curving highway

After all these years it’s still a joy to see these mountains rise from the plateau.

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If Mando is short for Mandalorian, has Lando been short for Land O Lakes Man all this time?

Photo of a black dog laying in front of a closed door

Attachment β€” waiting for her people to come home

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 the Eraserland album cover: a long haired man in black sitting in a blue room

Really enjoying this album at perhaps slightly greater than reasonable volume while I work at home this afternoon.

(Eraserland by Strand of Oaks)


A terra cotta colored wall with pink stripes and a sharp black shadow across it

In the right light, this wall is anything but plain.

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