photo of a two dogs laying on a rug together

It has been one week since we adopted Nova, and she and Gunnison have become quite comfy together. We think she loves living with her new people, too.

Photo of a blue mug of espresso

New bag of Stumptown Hairbender this morning.

Photo of a white and brown dog with a red chew toy

Hello new human I have brought you this artifact.

Meanwhile, over at tilde club

Photo of a white and brown dog looking up with dark brown eyes

Nova says HI.

Went downtown for brunch. Came home with an Australian shepherd named Nova. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

🎮 And speaking of games, Destiny’s Shadowkeep expansion launches Tuesday, so this weekend I’ll mostly be playing Inventory Management to reduce my vault to a manageable size in anticipation of loads of new loot.

Just one more level of Grindstone, I’ve been telling myself all night.

🎮 Finished playing through the Gears 5 campaign this weekend. It was my first time playing any of the series, so I’m not sure what I expected. But I enjoyed the gameplay and thought the narrative bits, both dialog and found objects that describe the world, were pretty good.

photo of a paperclip twisted into the shape of a narwhal

In case anybody needs one, I accidentally made this narwhal out of a paperclip.

iPad, unattended in another room, just started playing music. When I pick it up it says it’s disabled and to wait 5 minutes before unlocking it. So that’s weird.

Screenshot of a workout summary: 57 minutes, 107% max heart rate, and 842 calories  Screenshot showing a heart rate plot with two high peaks near 190 bpm.

This morning’s 5am ride was a little bit of a suffer spin. I rarely hit 800+ cals, and was feeling every single one of them today. I try to carry that depth of focus and determination into my work day, but it’s a struggle.

Photo of the circuit board inside an iMac G5.  Photo of a hard drive labeled “iMac 2005”

On Sunday I pulled the hard drive from my old G5 iMac, boxed up the machine and shipped it back to Apple to recycle. What a great PC that was, my first Mac. Look how lovely that CPU cover and motherboard are.

Photo of a deck with steel cable railing

Project: Cable Rail, appears to be reasonably successful! There’s some work still to go, including replacing the old trim beneath the decking and some finishing painting. We weren’t sure we could pull this off, so are really happy with how much we’ve been able to do.

Makin’ pizza.

Photo of an orange and purple sunrise with tiny sliver of moon.

Our monsoon season has been record-breaking dry, but yesterday we began to get a little bit of relief. This was our sunrise.

Summary of text editor usage showing vim at #1 with 117 mentions Plot of Uses This data showing text editor usage over time

On the occasion of @ftrain being interviewed for Uses This, I checked in on the Text Editor Race. While annual emacs mentions spiked ca. 2012, vim has maintained a relatively steady mentions number. Mentions of editors generally have declined, but here comes Visual Studio Code.

Still equal parts lucky and utterly gobsmacked each time I walk outside after dark, glance up and see the Milky Way above.

Just typed “rsync” in a tweet and iOS autocorrected it to “raunchy.” When I retyped it, iOS autocorrected it to “raunchier.”

Shiny Airstream trailer with a COFFEE sign and reflective window

The Single Speed coffee trailer at the Sunday farmers market is a must-do part of breakfast.

photo of a small porch and railing

We’re making progress on the new deck railing! Demolishing the old railing and then prepping the posts, building the new top and bottom rail, painting, and very careful drilling is a lot of work, all before we get to string the actual cables. We’re happy with the results!

A string of light bulbs against dark cloudy sky.

More from the beach: Early morning lights at the waterfront, Coronado Island.

Photo of a lifeguard tower lit from behind by the sunset.

We went to the beach last week for a few days of vacation. It was pretty wonderful.

Game screenshot showing the text “I am unsure how to be me without you” written on a wall.

I’ve been playing a lot of Outer Wilds the last couple of days. It’s breathtaking in so many ways, a beautiful and inventive story about exploring a dying galaxy in a wooden spaceship, and then every so often a passage just gets me right in the feels.

Photo of bubbling peach cobbler in a cast iron pan.

Gluten free, grilled peach cobbler. We ate this for dessert with homemade molasses ice cream.