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Pretty Good Hat

The hands of the clock are at something-something. It is one hundred percent time for an afternoon cappuccino.

Wow, this NPR interview where Woodward keeps insisting he couldn’t have speculated that the president was lying about conditions in the US in February is some real tabula rasa first principles bullshit.

Uh-oh. Seems perhaps bad that the ol macbook is wobbly all of a sudden. I bet swelling battery is the reason for the trackpad fussiness, now. Darn.

Aaah, I made a fatal mistake on what would have been my first world win in Star Renegades because I overlooked a modifier. That’s so demoralizing. An Into The Breach style undo would be welcome.

I started playing Star Renegades today. It’s great! On PC game pass, gang. 🎮

Josh Rotter’s The Animal  Years album cover beside a turntable  Now playing: Josh Ritter’s The Animal Years. #nowspinning Might just play records all night, y’all

Seems fairly obvious that since this comms guy is a rank, publicly belligerent propagandist for his president, reporting on his malignant shaping of disease data is only the tip of the trash iceberg.

One sure fire way to avoid causing panic is to competently fucking govern. Instead he put his grifter son in law, demonstrably out of depth ideologue VP, and a string of obsequious know-nothings in charge while lying ceaselessly with full approval of Mitch McConnell. So get bent.

Mechanical keyboard update: I’m now a guy who swaps from the one with blue switches to the one with brown switches when I go from work to games. 🎮

Dang, who beat me to registering