Me: Ah, springtime! I’m gonna make pizza on the grill.

Sharp edge the grill: Nah bruh, you’re gonna get your tetanus booster tonight!

Photo of espresso pouring into an orange cup.

Coffee time.

I’m experimenting with actually posting some things to Flickr again. Scrolling back through many years of history there is really a trip.

Photo of the Extra Life album cover and turntable arm on the album.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Darlingside in concert. Since then I’ve picked up a couple of their albums and they’re just great. Not only is the music wonderful, but the Extra Life vinyl itself is just strikingly gorgeous.

📚 The Newcomer by Keigo Higashino. This is an intricate mystery, and while it makes me interested in the detective at its core it doesn’t really tell me much about him (beyond his brilliant detective-ing), and it reads sort of distant.

📚Finished reading Severance by Ling Ma this week. It was a fascinating and specifically observed story about isolation, routine and consumption. Also a mournful and very different take on zombies.

Photo of a black box labeled “Fujifilm”

What’s in the box?

Photo of a bright orange and pink sunrise

Springtime sunrise in the gym parking lot makes a pretty good start to my day.

koenrh/delete-tweets: Delete tweets from your timeline

Nice, simple python tool to delete tweets by date.

Looking up how to make yogurt in the instant pot, in one tab, poking around camera reviews in another one, and listening to Golden Hour, so it’s a pretty okay Saturday evening around here.

Finally decided to figure out how to replace mismatched live tracks in Apple Music. 😖 There has got to be a better way than modifying the metadata and re-importing the files to my library, then holding my breath to see if Apple Music properly handles it. But, there isn’t one.

Pretty sure David Frum just said in this NPR interview that we need to give racist nationalists what they want so that racist nationalism will stop tearing apart our civic institutions, but maybe I’ve just been hit in the head really hard.

Photo of band members on stage together

I saw Darlingside and River Whyless at the MIM last night! Wooowwww! So great, moving, and fun. The closing acoustic encore with both bands was just a treasure. ❤️🎶

Lovely orange and pink sunrise on the horizon while hail comes down in buckets at my house is pretty classic lousy Smarch weather for Flagstaff.

Black dog trotting through very deep snowdrifts

I’m at a solid two feet of of snow at my house, and just learned that the forecast is for 18-24 more inches in the next day. 😵❄️

Having laid in stocks of potatoes, bourbon, coffee, and those little chocolate cookies my wife likes, I am ready for Northern Arizona Snow Event 2019.

Screenshot of a forecast showing a blizzard all day.

This forecast from is pretty descriptive but doesn’t mention the 19-25in of snow that’s expected.

I still miss Rdio.

📚Finished Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft. Not sure what I think? Rich world with lots of potential and a protagonist who I get more sympathetic with through the story, but who is ultimately still pretty bland. First in a series; might continue it?

Photo of an orange coffee cup and a blue journal on a countertop.

Last week was the one year mark of my journaling in this little book. It feels good; I still enjoy the writing, and this is the longest I’ve ever consistently kept a journal.

Photo of a black dog trotting inside from a snowy backyard.

Snow dog / snow day!

Oh. All of a sudden there’s twelve inches of snow in the forecast. ❄️

My son can’t sleep because he is anxious about being the operator of the New York end of a transcontinental telegraph demonstration that his second grade class has built. He has been rehearsing his Morse code all night. He is ready.

📚I finished American War by Omar al Akkad yesterday. I will be processing on it for a long time. It’s deeply bleak, scary and sad, with a lot to say about empires, refugees and trauma.

Photo of a cappuccino in a blue cup.

Friday afternoon WFH is often espresso time, but I’m feeling like a cappuccino today.