My son just went cruising up the street on his bike, saying, “bye, Dad, I’ll be home by supper,” so I’m just going to sit quietly while being impossibly aged for a little while.

Then I guess I’ll make supper.

Photo of scattered clouds lit up with orange morning sunlight.

Good monsoon season sunrise today.

Someday I will meet the man who designed my refrigerator such that the water filter cannot be replaced without removing a shelf. I will tell him that I am not mad, I am disappointed. Deeply disappointed.

The apparent downside of having deep cleaned my espresso machine is my newfound understanding that all that old gunk was the only thing ensuring a tight seal of the portafilter against the gasket.

A photo of a handful of 1.5 inch hail in the palm of a hand.

So, it hailed pretty good at my house today.

Oh no. I just started thinking about changing my blog platform again. Somebody better enable and/or stop me.

👍 That looks like a fun thing to pick up!

Better than running to the bathroom with the headset on!

It’s so good! I hope you love it.

I finished Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See tonight. It’s stunning. Lyrical, gripping, and heartbreaking. 📚

What’s the word on the iOS 12 public beta, friends? Is it ready to run on my daytime phone?

Photo of a bridge spanning a canyon from foreground to background.

The old Bridge over Marble Canyon at Cameron, AZ.

👍 Liked: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

via @jrladd

Jack Baty can’t leave org behind and there is much truth in this, in particular:

No matter which task manager I use, I end up ignoring what’s in it anyway. It’s counterintuitive, but switching task managers is a very productive process for me, so this hasn’t been a total wash.

A photo of an art Deco style high school with evening light and mountains behind.

My high school was built as a WPA project and remains this spectacular monument. (Despite taking the original marquee down and replacing it with a ridiculous electronic sign several years ago.)

Three small cups of sake on a wooden tray. The front one is cloudy white from unfiltered rice.  Photo of four "tuna corn" servings laid out on a piece of corn husk: red thin slices of tuna rolled around roasted corn.

Dinner date tonight included a nice sampler of interesting sake, and a dish of local corn with a spicy sauce wrapped in seared tuna. That tuna corn was outstanding.

Last time I went on vacation, I got all relaxed and thought, “sure, I can coach the soccer team.” This time I’m all relaxed and thinking, “maybe I’ll start up a tiny podcast here on my” 👀

A photo of the sun coming up over mountains, with some wildfire haze.

Morning at mom and dad’s place, northern Utah. We drove here yesterday for a few days of vacation.

A photo of a bottle of Granero Blanco from Wanderlust Brewing.

It’s after five, making today officially a twelve-hour work day. I’m going on vacation and having one of these.

Photo of three record sleeves standing beside a turntable: Achtung Baby, Led Zeppelin III and Moving Pictures.

I got some old favorites for my birthday.

Ever find yourself just really, really looking forward to making tacos tonight?

I probably shouldn’t have skipped lunch?

Photo of Aspen trees in the foreground and dark rain clouds in the background.

Just out for a walk yesterday. I love love the effect of stormy sky with evening sunlight on the foreground.

A photo of a cappuccino in a yellow cup, with a heart poured in the foam.

Today’s cappuccino was good.

Photo of a small snake under a cup.

It was only days ago that a spider made a home in my briefcase, and today there was a snake in the hallway.

Screenshot from the Libby app showing a "the end" banner in the audiobook player.

I finished listing to Borne. I liked it. It definitely draws thematic lines right from Vandermeer’s Southern Reach but reads a little more whole as a story? I think.

Also I love this little touch in the app when it’s finished. Off to check out another audiobook!