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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: coffee

Photo of a cappuccino in a blue mug Visiting family this year was really great. There’s also nothing like that first cup of coffee in your own kitchen, the early morning after returning home. ❄️☕️

The inside of an espresso machine and my hand holding spare parts It’s super satisfying to open up this espresso machine and replace a couple of parts. This steam assembly wasn’t right, but the steam knob stem was perfect and made a huge, immediate improvement. The utterly precise fit of the components is so impressive.

Photo of the wires and pipes inside an espresso machine I took apart my espresso machine yesterday to troubleshoot the solenoid and pump. That was a good puzzle! Especially the solenoid, which is nestled intricately beneath several other parts. After cleaning and reassembling, it seems to be working once again, for now.

Photo of an AeroPress box My espresso machine broke down today (solenoid that I think I can replace) so I got myself a backup plan and have been reading up on AeroPress recipes. Good night I’m going to be so insufferable as AeroPress Guy.