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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: movies

I’m going to say something inflammatory but I trust I’m among friends. I don’t think the Lord of the Rings films have aged very well. Part of that is just by comparison to the twenty years of film that have come since. Part of that is contextual: I’m just not very interested in watching men being moody right now; and a big part is that Jackson only allows about one and a half emotions per actor and just holds them there. It’s fatiguing.

Think I’ll settle in for a solid Friday evening with a viewing of Cabin in the Woods. 🎥 🍷

I’m watching “A Quiet Place” and the sound editing makes it utterly gripping.

We saw Black Panther today and really enjoyed it! Cast, characters, story: it has lots going on – lots to say – and it does it very well. By contrast, one of the trailers was for Ready Player One, and boy does that trailer just do utterly nothing for me.