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Tag: vim

Keyboard programming with QMK update: Adding more vim keys to a new layer on my Q1! After a long time idly thinking it would be neat to have vim-style navigation in, for example, an Outlook compose window, I can now toggle layers and do exactly that. It’s pretty slick.

screenshot showing a Mac OS terminal with a few lines of a config file

My .vimrc could probably use a lot more cleanup, but I adjusted it just enough yesterday that I think it appears easy enough to grab for any new machine or server I would happen to use.

I’ve been using vim long enough that I’m pretty comfortable with it most of the time. I’m always happy to learn more, and the first part of this vim tutorial has some things that I missed the first time I learned the basics.👍

Me, in chat: No, I’m not putting kkk into the shared doc we’re all looking at. I just forget that it doesn’t have vim keys. Again.