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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: winter

A shadowed road leading ahead around a corner, and overlooking a high mountain valley covered in snow, lit with low sun

Yesterday was a good, busy day. I ran early errands and enjoyed, as always, the view coming over the divide into the valley. Today? It’s back to work.

A steep snowy ridge lit by sunrise, with pink and orange clouds against the blue sky and windows reflecting bright light

Today we go back to work and school after a long winter’s holiday. I’m not particularly ready, but am resolved to work on some elements of focus and persistence to keep myself and my team getting done what needs doing.

It’s the final slow morning of this long winter’s holiday. I’m warming up the coffee machine and writing down some notes from the last day and day ahead. Tomorrow, this slow calm is replaced by going back to work.

It’s a quiet and bitter cold first morning of the year for me. I took the dog outside in the zero degrees F dark, and then she went right back to her warm bed. I’m ready for my second cup of coffee while the first tiny bit of dawn is starting to differentiate the one-black sky from the mountain. All in all, it’s much like any early morning this winter, albeit far colder after this week’s snowstorms have moved on. A lot of things in the past week have made it hard to feel reflective on the close out of the past year and start of the next. Here’s hoping for resolution of those uncertainties and a chance at some calm, some restoration, and maybe also some joy in 2022.

a screenshot showing a forecast with several days of snow showers

The first spits of rain are starting to fall outside as part of this winter storm forecast to slowly roll over us the next several days. It feels like a perfect time to curl up with coffee and books and music and …