Screenshot from the Libby app showing a "the end" banner in the audiobook player.

I finished listing to Borne. I liked it. It definitely draws thematic lines right from Vandermeer’s Southern Reach but reads a little more whole as a story? I think.

Also I love this little touch in the app when it’s finished. Off to check out another audiobook!

My son, staring intently at me:

“Dad, I think I see one gray hair right there by your ear.”

Me: “Oh! Well that’s nice of you to point that out.”

Son: “Never mind, there’s a whole bunch.”

Eight-year-old wisdom is UP FRONT, gang.

Today in Brief Moments of Lizard Brain Terror: reaching into the briefcase pocket where I keep my wallet and ID, just like I do everyday, to find it utterly entombed in spider webs and also occupied by a reasonably large and angry (but harmless) wolf spider.

Heart rate plot for a bike ride showing a whole lot of red zone.

Not gonna lie, there was some suffering on this morning’s spin ride.

Screenshot of the Libby app displaying the control view for the audiobook of Borne.

Picked up Borne in audiobook from my library, using Libby. It’s an intriguing read/listen so far, and I continue to be really happy with how well done Libby is.

Photo looking down into an espresso cup that has just begun to be filled from a portafilter.

It’s three o’clock and I’m working from home today, so that means… Espresso time!

Added the my site to the indieweb web ring , partying like it’s World Wide Web circa 1995!

Big, solid monsoon thunderstorm over town right now, with weather service warning of flooding for the next couple of hours. Time to hunker in with a coffee.

I’m watching “A Quiet Place” and the sound editing makes it utterly gripping.

Photo of a blue cappuccino cup on a worn blue armrest of an outdoor chair.

Monsoon season afternoon coffee time!

Photo of a mostly empty cappuccino cup and a Nintendo Switch on a wooden counterpoint.

Coffee and Switch time to start my weekend.

Photo of an early morning stretch of road, with a bit of sunrise on the horizon.

Sunrise, on my way very early this morning.

Photo of a glass of beer on a rain-wet table with lawn in the background.

Monsoon season! With a beer on the porch. This feels pretty okay.

Photo of a glass espresso cup being filled under a portafilter.

I have lately been really loving this espresso roast from Spotted Cow Coffee in Seattle – sent to me as a gift. It makes a great espresso, and the cappuccino I make with it tastes like candied blueberries. So great and delicious.

Two tamales in a container on a park lawn.

Breakfast! Tamales at the Sunday community market.

Photo of a red vinyl album on a turntable — Josh Ritter’s “Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.”

My wife got me a turntable for a Father’s Day present. I’ve accrued a small set of albums in the last few years but haven’t actually had a turntable since playing on my dad’s when I was a kid. I am utterly and inexplicably cheered by playing records again.

Working on a new measure of summer weekend quality: ratio of sunscreen applications to showers. This weekend is about a 2.0, which seems solid, but the metric needs further validation before we put it into prod.

Glass of iced espresso and ginger beer on a wooden xounter

Felt like an espresso tonic this afternoon but I didn’t have tonic, so I made it with ginger beer. Friends, I may never go back.

Today: Coaching a ragtag band of seven year-olds in our first soccer game. Don’t tell them that I don’t have any idea what I’m doing, okay?

Photo of the Disney castle, taken with space age ride in the foreground.

Back to work today after a long weekend and trip to Disneyland. Can’t say I’ve been missing it.

Just went to scratch my temple. I somehow dislodged my glasses, which then sprung entirely off my face and stabbed me hard in the eye with one stem. WTF, Friday?

Blue almost empty coffee mug and an AirPods case on a wooden table.

Coffee and my air buddies keeping me company this fine Friday.

Plate of eggs, avocado and potatoes on a sunny steel restaurant counter.

And STOP. Hash bowl time.

Black dog drinking from the hose nozzle over a planter.

Gunnison helps me water the strawberries.

Attn, friends: I am taking today off and have moved my Work Email app to a folder labeled “beware of the leopard” on the last page of my home screen. ☕️