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Pretty Good Hat

So this will be interesting

Update March 23, 2014: And, so, TextDrive is defunct. Well, I got another year-plus some months out of my “lifetime.” I’m in new digs at Kaizen Garden now.

For the sake of completeness, I also wrote about the original announcement of Joyent’s end of lifetime TXD hosting, back when.

Original post, September 18, 2012

TextDrive is not dead, after all, Dean Allen to return with some kind of ninja + jedi mojo and keep us all in the bits to which we have become accustomed.

As I watched this news unfold, to be entirely honest I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, because 1) discussions of shared hosting suggested it wasn’t really a viable thing anymore and 2) Dean seemed happy with his cheeses and wine and stuff, and 3) I was reconciled to going off and doing something new, anyway. But I concluded that we’re all more or less adults, that the key folks are smarter at this stuff than I am, and that I’d trust Dean not do jump back in through a fit of (merely) fury or loyalty. Also I had this idea for a project and need somewhere to cram it.

I’m glad that I mentally composed an in-the-moment rant, but I’m also glad I decided that it was better left as an exercise and then let go; better things to do, after all. I’m happy to have a continued place to put my nonsense online, and I’m encouraged by the community that re-shaped and gathered again around these events.

I do hope this doesn’t kill the BBQ. We were almost there.