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Pretty Good Hat

I built a toy

The POP - Prototyping on Paper app is pretty cool: It’s really built for wireframe designs of iOS applications: Take pictures of your designs, load them into the app, and mark them up with hotspots that link to other pages of the wireframe or mockup. Seems like a neat idea, if you’re an app developer.

I’m not a developer, but I have a notebook and like to scribble, so I used it to make a tiny choose-your-own adventure story: Hatventure:

You can play it right in your browser, and it looks a little better on a mobile screen. I don’t think there’s a way to share it to the actual app, where it definitely feels a little more native.

It was fun, and maybe you’ll think it’s fun, too. I’d love to see other, non-app-development-based uses of the tool.