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Pretty Good Hat


The onset of December is an entirely expected, predictable phenomenon that has taken me by surprise and fully unprepared. Perhaps it feels like it caught me without warning because it has been so unseasonably warm here: After a sharp cold snap, most of October through November was warm and dry, and no real winter weather is in the forecast yet. The leaves have turned, and there’s frost in the mornings, enough to make the lawn feel a little crunchy, but daytime temperatures of 55+ degrees F have kept me from fully realizing the turn.

Still, the nights are coming earlier and earlier, and tonight’s sunset with a few high clouds was a treat.

Howell Creek Radio

On the subject of seasons, the most recent episode of the Howell Creek Radio podcast, Snap, is a characteristically well-delivered medidation, this one on what sounds like a dark and cold season Joel is quite happy to have left in his past. Joel is a writer and thinker whom I greatly enjoyed meeting a few months ago when he passed through town and I recommend checking out his (handsome) creations.