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Pretty Good Hat

Site Notes

warning: the following is probably not very interesting.

I’ve had a nice time lately doing some reworking on the internals of my little not-a-blog system that runs things around here. First, I’ve done a tiny bit of learning about responsive web design, so mobile browsers should now get a nice narrow page. I’m still tinkering with a visual style that I like, so the look and feel may change more. It’s fun to experiment with this stuff again; it’s been a lot of years since I was really up to speed with anything related to web design.

Also, I’ve switched the whole engine from Pandoc over to a fully-ruby markdown parser called kramdown. Kramdown is faster than Pandoc and may allow for a future state in which I can build and deploy the whole site from a mobile device, without needing to run any code on my laptop first. Moving away from pandoc is the first requirement for that, since I can’t run it on my server at textdrive. (This is one of those situations where an always-available home server or something like a box at Mac Mini Colo would be an ideal alternative.) The next piece of that chain would be a good mechanism to migrate files from Dropbox, where the prettygoodhat markdown files live and are editable from any number of iOS apps, to the web server where the build tool and deployed HTML files live.

It’s fun to have a tool that’s in-process as well as this relatively-new outlet for some thinking and writing. I’m enjoying both aspects of publishing here, quite a lot.