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Pretty Good Hat


I’ve alluded a few times to project at work gaining steam. We recently completed it, a big one, one I’ve been working on for nearly two years but that has been on the roadmap for my team for a very long time – since well before I was on the team at all. Feels good to have completed it, even this first phase of it with much left to do. Check that, it feels tremendous.

Big milestones like that seem far apart for me, but they come every day for our toddler. Our little guy is still pre-pre-school, but his wonderful school is part of the school district, so he has long holiday breaks at Christmas, springtime, and summer (mercifully, they offer a summer session so we only need to plan for a couple of weeks of true summer vacation). Today we wrap up the latest, a week of spring break, and it seems like he’s turned a corner, learned something new, or otherwise astonished us nearly every day.