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Pretty Good Hat

From the Pinboard Files

The internet has been full of interesting things to read and think on, lately. Here are a few of my favorites from recent bookmarks.

Day One Uses

The Day One folks keep a nice list of applications to which they and others are putting the tool. I don’t write as much as I think I should, but I have been trying to put at least a photo every couple-few days into my Day One journal. Additionally, I use Slogger to record twitter,, fitbit, and activity.

Howell Creek Radio: Quarters

My friend Joel has a fine podcast about thinking about things and writing about things – among other things. This short meditation on found and stolen moments really got me.

Felix Salmon on the Bitcoin Bubble

In a previous career I was an academic, and I studied the project of local currencies in the United States. Bitcoin shares a lot with local currencies, but departs significantly in implementation, not the least of which is its speculative nature – which was at the core of this week’s over-the-cliff drop in value.

NRA: God Bless You, Dr. Rosenzweig

I’ve been reading Slacktivist for years, and its author, Fred Clark, is consistently one of the most thoughtful writers around. His long-term opus, a walkthrough annotation of the Left Behind series, is a deep exploration of his faith and the departures from it taken by a paranoid religious right (among others). He’s also funny and frequently moving, and enjoys Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What alicublog is for the culture wars, Slacktivist is for excoriating the nonsense prophets of the right.