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Pretty Good Hat

Improving my mousetrap

So I built this little hobby blog engine and had a good time with it, but one of its limitations as a writing tool was that it required me to sit down with the laptop to actually publish: Although the whole thing lives in a Dropbox folder, I needed my trusty MacBook Pro to run the Ruby to build and then deploy the site to my web server. I could write at the coffee shop on my iPad or iPhone with my favorite Dropbox-compatible tools (like iA Writer), but couldn’t publish directly from iOS.

Until now. A couple of weeks ago I tested out the Ruby engine itself on my server at TextDrive and found that it worked with just a couple of small modifications. But my content still lived in Dropbox. How would I bridge the Dropbox-server divide?

Enter, my new favorite technology crush. Its API lets me download from Dropbox directly to my server. I repeat, it’s awesome. So here’s the toolchain: Write in iOS, hop into Prompt to run the deploy script on the server, and boom, published blog goodness.

I started and finished this very post, zapped it to my server and ran the build, checked its rendering and then deployed to production – sounds fancy, right? – all from my iPhone. It’s pretty much the new hotness for me.

I’ll write up some of the technical details later. This was lots of fun to learn, and I have more cool ideas for putting to use.