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Pretty Good Hat


It was a lot of fun to port my static blog workflow to a server-based build tool that relies on the API. Since then I’ve been tinkering with more general-purpose tools to play with mover. As an exercise, I put together a ruby-based widget I could use at the command line to simply finding and getting things from a connector attached to my account.

The gist is embedded below. This is intended for command line use; the script I’ve integrated with my blog build tool uses many of these mechanics but does a bit more work to diff the remote (Dropbox) directory with the local one and then cycle through downloads of the new files to my server, where the builder can do its business and publish to my dev and then public web locations. I’ll post the rest of that as soon as the code is a little bit less embarrassing.

The possibilities posed by this kind of integration are really cool, and I’ve had lots of fun developing this capability so far.