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Pretty Good Hat

Always be Catching Up

Busy days here, which is not really anything new. I have found in my spare time that I have been quite happy to work on my growing catalog of toddler photos and spend lots of time biking and jogging — summer has come to 7,000 feet and it’s time to soak up the outdoors.

But there have been a bunch of bits and pieces bubbling along that I have wanted to share. Here are a few of them.

Here’s a Drafts action that sends entries to Day One along with a tag for my son’s name. This one is for capturing and saving bits and pieces of things he says and moments that catch me off-guard — which, as he gets more remarkable, are most days. Replace TAG twice in this to use it with a different tag; nothing complicated here, but I had to tweak it a bit to get what I wanted (specifically, to get the right urlencoded newline strings so that Day One would handle the tag correctly.


My friend Alice has started up a podcast called Educating [Geeks], with the premise that, “At some point in our lives, we’ve all been on the receiving of the incredulous shock and horror when a superfan realizes that you’re not a member of the club.” They find inspiration in this great XKCD strip that celebrates bringing people into the things we love and excited or fascinated by. I’ve been stewing on a longer post about this and some perhaps interesting thinking, but just can’t seem to get it out the door, so check out the podcast in the meantime. I think you might enjoy it. It’s fun.

Here’s a guy who has really thought about notebooks (among other things; Sean has a great set of outliner based pages about all kinds of things that are interesting).

The National Day of Civic Hacking looks cool, much more practical than a lot of change-the-world-with-technology enthusiasm. I missed the actual event this year but will watch to see what comes of it.