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Pretty Good Hat

The Year's Bloggy Roundup and Administrivia

Piwik tells me that my top five hits here at PGH in 2013 were:

Since the build system starts with pure markdown, a tiny bit of wc at the shell can give me a few numbers:

  • Total entries: 71
    • Total “brief” (link or notes) posts: 35
  • Total words: 16,154 (not including this post)

Entries by Month:

Jan : *******
Feb : ***
Mar : ****
Apr : *********
May : *****
June: ****
July: ***
Aug : *************
Sept: ********
Oct : ***
Nov : ****
Dec : *******

Today I plugged in Bigfoot to add some flair to footnotes, just in case. 1 Otherwise, this little gig has been pretty stable behind the scenes. I expect I’ll continue to post mostly using the iPad, as I have since August when I hooked up my publishing workflow to Editorial. Perhaps I’ll do a lot more mobile writing next year; I have been happy with my nice weekend afternoon routine of taking the iPad to the coffee shop to catch up.

I enjoyed the writing and thinking I did here in 2013. I have a set of notes brewing, drafts to pick up in the next days or weeks (maybe should update that Usesthis editors post to see just what happened to TextMate in the latter half of the year). I’m looking forward to it and continue to welcome feedback and comments via contact information at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

  1. I’m very happy that kramdown creates compatible footnotes from markdown. This is an example. They’re nice. I’ll probably tinker some more with styling and such. Dr Drang recently discussed his implementation. ↩︎