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Text Editors Data Update

Following up on a skim of text editor data from The Setup last summer, I thought I’d catch up now that the 2013 information is in. It’s been quite a while since I dove deeply into the source data at The Setup, so it’s possible I’m missing new editor trends; I should read up on the interviews again, but meanwhile this is another fun, quick snapshot.

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Looks like after its 2012 surge, Emacs dipped steeply, while vim remained high and Sublime Text 2 grew in use (mentions) substantially. Among new, popular tools last year, Editorially has a single mention in the data, and Editorial doesn’t yet show up.

Meanwhile, interviewees at The Setup appear to remain remarkably unsympathetic to Windows Phone devices:

    Mobile Devices:
    iPhones: 		218
    iPads: 		145
    Androids: 		88
    Windows Phone:	1