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At Multiball: Player Two Start

I’ve been enjoying Steve Lubitz & Co’s Isometric podcast for several weeks now,1 and his vicarious company on for a little longer than that. Player two Start is a sweet and nuanced story of his plan to introduce his daughter to his favorite classic games that gradually turns into discovering a new game to enjoy with her and that matches her abilities. Along the way Steve makes some nice observations about some elements of console gaming that hinder kids whose hands are still small and whose gaming started with touch screens of all things. These are things I’ve started to think about with my son, too, and I really love what Steve has put together here.

(Related and also recommended: Pop Culture Happy Hour’s making toddlers into nerds episode, which gave me a small truckload of great recommendations while being similarly sensitive to the way kids need to find their own things to geek out on.)

  1. A show recently asked to join the 5by5 network — congratulations! — and on which Steve claims to be merely the token male among a crew of sharp, all-star co-hosts. But such protestations should not be taken seriously, for the entire cast does a great show. ↩︎