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Abandoned in Place

Photo: Launch Ring Restored, Launch Complex 34, (Apollo Saturn) Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida – Roland Miller

Roland Miller is a family friend and I grew up with many of his photos in the house. He has been working on a project titled Abandoned in Place for more than twenty-five years. He is documenting in photographs the facilities and structures that were the foundation of the U.S. space program, like launch towers, gantries, factories, control rooms and panels.

Roland’s Kickstarter for an Abandoned in Place photo book is almost home! If you are interested in space, science, history, or photography, this is right in your sweet spot and I encourage you to check it out. You can get the book — with essays and memories from space program scientists and astronauts and writing by Ray Bradbury! — along with signed prints, and help preserve the stories and images of these places that are gradually being lost to time and the elements. Go go!