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Pretty Good Hat

Indieweb Conversation

I Huffduffed this great discussion with Jeremy Keith weeks ago, and am just now catching up over my holiday vacation. Jeremy talks about some key tools, and his explanation in particular of the way rel="me" relates to IndieAuth finally made sense to me. He also points to Known, a hosted or self-hosted platform with microformats, webmentions, and other indieweb elements as core capabilities. Cool!

To me, there’s definitely a through-line between these tools and platforms, and the kinds of activity sparked by Tilde Club and the Other Tildes. While the tilde clubs diverge in some senses, they share the indieweb notion of cobbling something together to scratch one’s own itch, sharing and spreading around that capability, and enabling likeminded people to tool around, tinker, and express. For me, they both represent some of the community and sharing that have been underlining much of my enthusiasm for first BBSs, later usenet and home pages and all things internet, for the past so many years.

Go forth and make/write/play, huh? Okay!