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Pretty Good Hat

Making a Play Plan

I like this piece by Ben Kuchera about managing one’s leisure time and making goals for play & culture in order to avoid “fun” turning into “homework.” I’ve started aggregating books, comics, games and music into a feed that I can pipe into a thedash dashboard. This helps me keep track of all that stuff and also acts as a check against overpopulating it. 1

Look, Ben notes and I agree that this is like the first worldiest of first worldie dilemmas — oh, my, so many free-time activities! Woe — but pulling back a little bit, this is also about being thoughtful about how I spend my time. Not a bad thing to keep in mind as we careen into one more year.

  1. The exercise advice is also good! I started putting working out on the calendar a few months ago, and the result is that I don’t worry about not getting in my workouts, the time I do spend is much more effective, and I also feel really good. ↩︎