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Pretty Good Hat

Wintertime, Briefly

This winter in Flagstaff, a summary of some activities and events that come to mind:

  1. Yay, nice snow! Let’s get a season ski rental for the preschooler and we’ll be ski people!
  2. More snow over New Year, too bad, I have bronchitis.
  3. Day off: solo ski day, beautiful and fun.
  4. Six+ weeks of warm, dry weather make it feel like spring (meanwhile the east coast is getting utterly clobbered)
  5. Work, work, work – seriously, I’m getting a lot done around here. Feels good.
  6. Look, there’s hardly any winter going on in this place, so let’s go biking.
  7. Biking is great! My old bike is old, so I got a new one. It’s a thing of beauty, but …
  8. I have to travel back east for work, then come home and get a cold.
  9. Winter is back. New bike waits in the garage.
  10. Sigh. Go for coffee because wife is home from her own work travel and it’s the first day off from work and/or child care in two weeks.
  11. Life is all right, gang. All right.