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Pretty Good Hat and the urge to make stuff online again

I’ve been using now for a couple of weeks and finding that I really enjoy the way it provides a hub for both short status updates as well as pointers to longer writing. While not at all a direct analogue, It’s filling some of the feed created by the shutdown of Minimal Reader, which I had used for several years.

It’s full of people doing their own things. All this energy reminds me a lot of the early days of as well as the time when was really on fire: Tons of bubbling excitement over writing things, building things, sharing things, and meeting people with a common bent toward all those.1

There’s a distinct indieweb feel, right down to the bones of architecture meant to enable things like webmentions. This is very cool, so today I dusted off the parts of my brain that remember, vaguely, how those things work and tuned up my little piece of the indieweb, again.

As some others around the place are noting, I’m not quite to leaving Twitter yet, either. But I’m enthused by a platform that has a solid code of conduct and provides a lot of connective architecture for making new networks.

All this new connectivity is inspiring in a number of ways, so I’ll be trying to write more frequently2 as well as share bits and pieces of other things I’m working on.

  1. Not surprisingly, I’m running into some of the same people who populate/ed both of those places, and even caught sight of a couple folks from the TextDrive days. Something something early adopters? ↩︎

  2. Sharp observers will note the nearly three years of posts that fit on this single blog page; suggesting that previous such efforts have been … inconsistent. But! ↩︎