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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: games

I played a whole bunch of Inscryption, today. It’s pretty brilliant! It unfolds in really surprising ways and I had some of the same “oh!” moments figuring out successful mechanics as I had discovering things in Outer Wilds. What a fantastically crafted game.

a black and white in-game photo of a car viewed from the side, racing across a bridge An in-game photo showing a very large, colorful parade float speeding along a road. 🎮 I’m having quite a lot of fun in Forza Horizon 5, and the photo mode is great. Also, there’s an event where you drive a two-story parade float off a ramp into a canyon at 80mph. Recommended.

Destiny 2 Power leveling tool in R

The latest piece of my homebrew Destiny 2 toolset is Travelr, a power leveling tracking tool built with R and using a much simpler process than most of my prior nonsense. (Aside: I'm still using ArmoreR, but it has some key limitations that I haven't spent much time with, including a problem incorporating the authentication flow more fully into Shiny so that I could make it an app that others could use in a more friction-free way.

🎮 Hey micro.gamers, do you yearn for the days of Left 4 Dead? Back 4 Blood is pretty good! And in Game Pass for both PC and XBox. Want to run from zombies together? And: Inscryption is an intriguing new deck builder. You should try it so I have people to talk about it with!

🎮 This is a fun, super-smart review of Outriders, a game I’ve had a good time with the past couple of weekends. It’s on Game Pass, XBox micro.friends!

Today I dusted off my latest video game hobby project, ArmoreR, my Destiny 2 armor stats profiler, and finished some improvements that have been on my list. I haven’t been motivated to dig back into it for a while partly because I just … didn’t feel like it … and partly because I had hit a point of complexity with it that made it hard to approach again. But I had a really nice time catching up with just how it works and then gradually identifying and implementing the improvements I wanted to make.

It’s a great time to hop into the Friends at the Table real-play RPG podcast. They just started a new season in a fallen, spooky and cursed world, after some great worldbuilding episodes. Check it out!

🎮 I didn’t know it, but Lonely Mountains Downhill was exactly the game I was looking for this weekend. It’s super fun and also occasionally stabby.