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Screenshot displaying rows of armor items and their stat values

Screenshot showing a scatterplot of stat values for a selected armor configuration

I’ve had a nice afternoon working on my hobby R/Shiny project, a loadout finder for the game Destiny 2. These improvements make it a lot more flexible and informative: It can now optionally include armor that would otherwise be filtered out of configurations by the minimum stat threshold, and it will show current mods used in displayed loadouts.

ArmoreR: A Destiny 2 Loadout Finder

Since I’m talking Destiny projects lately, here’s a another open invite to Destiny-curious micro.friends who may want to try it out! The new expansion is very good and it’s a great time to jump in. Happy to be a space magic shooty guide to anybody who needs a friendly way into the game!

Making adjustments to kiddo’s Minecraft server and am continuously grateful that the answer to “how did I do that?” is almost always found in the fish shell history.

A TV showing the title screen for Hades, with an Xbox Series S and white controller in the frame, also

I started playing Hades yesterday and … this game is great! I know it was on a bunch of best-of lists last year, so I’m un-fashionably late to appreciate this one. It has great mechanics, deep storytelling, feuding gods and family drama. I love it.

I played a whole bunch of Inscryption, today. It’s pretty brilliant! It unfolds in really surprising ways and I had some of the same “oh!” moments figuring out successful mechanics as I had discovering things in Outer Wilds. What a fantastically crafted game.

a black and white in-game photo of a car viewed from the side, racing across a bridge An in-game photo showing a very large, colorful parade float speeding along a road.

🎮 I’m having quite a lot of fun in Forza Horizon 5, and the photo mode is great. Also, there’s an event where you drive a two-story parade float off a ramp into a canyon at 80mph. Recommended.